Learning How To Lose Gracefully Could Change Your Life

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Learning How To Lose Gracefully Could Change Your Life

Learning How To Lose Gracefully , Could Change Your Life.

None of us want to lose, .

And failure can be painful.

NPR reports you can transform your life by getting better at losing.

Here's how:.

Get Disappointed.

As adults, we're expected to be able to deal with adverse situations in socially acceptable ways.

But we still feel angry, and we still feel sad.

Experts say a common trait among sore losers is an unwillingness to "take ownership of their own fallibility.".

To avoid being a sore loser, practice the core components of self-compassion, mindfulness, human commonality and self-kindness.


After a loss, it's difficult to separate your bruised ego from reality.

Experts say before you start criticizing yourself, pause and consider this: When was the last time you noticed someone else's mistake?.

I like to remind my clients, and sometimes myself, that probably about 90 percent of everything everybody does is about them and not about us.

, Dr. Adia Gooden, licensed clinical psychologist, via NPR.

People are not talking for days and being like, Oh my gosh, can you believe they had a typo on slide three?

, Dr. Adia Gooden, licensed clinical psychologist, via NPR.

We All Lose, That's Okay.

Remember losing is often unavoidable.

Approach the situation with honesty and humility.

Experts say losing is "an experience that is as universal as it gets." .

Don't let an "L" hold you back from greatness.

The great losers are the people who are able to recognize that a loss is just one step in a process.

, Sam Weinman, author and sports journalist, via NPR

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