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Credit: Al Jazeera STUDIO - Published 14 hours ago 

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Anthony Gonzalez was one of 10 Republicans who opposed him.
8 hours ago • Hindu


[DW] Gunmen have abducted hundreds of children in an attack on a boarding school. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said his government would not "succumb to...
5 hours ago •

The ship, a vehicle-carrier named MV Helios Ray, suffered an explosion in the Gulf of Oman between Thursday and Friday morning.
5 hours ago • Hindu

Grant scheme aims to tide businesses over until coronavirus restrictions are lifted
2 hours ago •

Three people are dead after a plane crashed in Gainesville, Georgia Friday afternoon.
10 hours ago • Upworthy

Illinois state Rep. Chris Miller said he was given the sticker featuring the armed group's logo by a friend "who said that it represented patriotism."
3 hours ago •

Residents are unable to return home immediately after a Second World War bomb found in Exeter was detonated, with the explosion heard for miles.
3 hours ago • Belfast Telegraph

A ceremonial chariot, complete with bronze decorations and mineralised wood remains, has been discovered in the ruins of a settlement north of Pompeii.
6 hours ago • Sky News
Church bells rang out on Saturday (local time) and a World War II-era plane flew over the funeral service of Sir Captain Tom Moore to honour the veteran who...
4 hours ago • New Zealand Herald
Gordon Ramsay was appearing on the ITV1 show on Saturday night but left Ant and Dec gasping
4 hours ago • Tamworth Herald
Former President Donald Trump is weighing the creation of a super PAC as he seeks to assert his authority over the Republican Party and...
6 hours ago • Upworthy

"These suggestions are not in line with our core Values," Trader Joe's said in a copy of the termination letter the employee shared to Twitter.
4 hours ago • Business Insider

Russia's Sputnik V vaccine has produced strong results against new COVID-19 mutations in recent trials, researchers claim.
10 hours ago • Sky News
Gerard Pique believes Barcelona have the opportunity to turn their entire season around by knocking Sevilla out of the Copa del Rey having beaten the same side...
6 hours ago •

The chancellor is set to announce the Budget on Wednesday nearly a year after the country was placed under a national lockdown.
8 hours ago • Sky News
Felpham sits on the sunny West Sussex coast and basks in the joys of being a village far away from urban COVID-19 hotspots. 
8 hours ago • Sky News
GOP Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona was the surprise keynote speaker at a conference Friday night in Orlando, Florida, where speakers spread...
6 hours ago • Upworthy

A resident of al-Bukamal, a city near the Syrian-Iraqi border, told CNN the explosions from US airstrikes targeting a compound the...
6 hours ago • Upworthy

Four small boats carrying 87 people including children made the dangerous Channel crossing into the UK on Saturday.
6 hours ago • Belfast Telegraph

Another Duggar wedding is in the books: The famous family's 18-year-old son Justin Duggar is now a married man. The 14th child of Michelle Duggar and Jom Bob...
6 hours ago • E! Online

A loud explosion could be heard for miles when a Second World War bomb found in Exeter was detonated.
6 hours ago • Belfast Telegraph

Police have arrested a number people after hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters gathered in Dublin.
8 hours ago • Sky News
The new COVID-19 stimulus package is worth $1.9 trillion and contains a provision to raise the minimum wage.
14 hours ago • Upworthy

Nearly a dozen Trump supporters charged in connection with the US Capitol insurrection have said that Antifa and other left-wing groups...
11 hours ago • Upworthy

Brian Sicknick died from injuries sustained in the Jan. 6 riot.
8 hours ago • Upworthy

Myanmar's ambassador to the UN has been fired a day after making a three-fingered salute in support of anti-coup protests - as he called on nations to use "any...
10 hours ago • Sky News
New Zealand's prime minister has announced the country's biggest city, Auckland, will go into a seven-day lockdown after a COVID-19 case was detected.
14 hours ago • Sky News