Baby saved from womb of mother killed in Israeli strike

Credit: Sky News- Published on April 21, 2024
Palestinians in Rafah are reeling from a series of devastating Israeli airstrikes that have killed 22 people - including 18 children.

Video credit: Oneindia
Published on April 22, 2024 -  03:03
Gaza airstrikes: Palestinian baby emerges from tragedy, born to mother lost in conflict | Oneindia
In a remarkable and miraculous occurrence, medical professionals successfully delivered a baby girl from the Womb of a Palestinian woman tragically killed alongside her daughter and husband. The devastating incident occurred during an Israeli attack on the Gaza city of Rafah, which claimed the lives of 19 individuals according to Palestinian health officials. Among the casualties, nearly 13 children from a single family perished when two residential homes were struck during the intensified airstrikes. According to doctor Mohammed Salama, who was looking after the newborn, the baby weighed 1.4 kg and was delivered by doctors in an emergency C-section. He added she was stable and her condition was gradually improving. #Israel #Gaza #GazaConflict #IsraelHamasWar #GazaWar #IsraelConflict #GazaMiracleBaby #GazaBabyBorn #MiddleEastConflict #IsraelHamasWar #GazaAirstrikes #RafahAssault ~PR.152~ED.155~GR.121~

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