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A veteran hurricane hunter who intentionally flew into the eye of Hurricane Ian said it was one of the worst of his career."I've never seen so much lightning in..
1 hour ago • New Zealand Herald

Sanibel Causeway

Approximately 50 to 65 feet of the Sanibel Causeway collapsed as Hurricane Ian roared through southwest Florida on Wednesday.

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At least three sections of the Sanibel Causeway were washed away by storm surge from Hurricane Ian, according to video from CNN affiliates WBBH and WPLG,..
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Nord Stream

The Swedish Coast Guard has reportedly found a fourth leak on the Nord Stream pipeline.
16 hours ago • Sky News


In the wake of the rapper's death, we look back at the impact he had on people's lives, and the passion he always had for music.
6 hours ago • eBaums World


Brazil's presidential election on Sunday is being contested by 11 candidates but only two stand a chance of reaching a runoff: former President Luiz Inacio Lula..
6 hours ago • IndiaTimes

North Korea

Vice President Kamala Harris accidentally commended "the Republic of North Korea" while visiting the Demilitarized Zone in South Korea on Thursday as her trip to..
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Denmark / World Cup COVID Rules Announced As Denmark Unveil Black Kit In Protest Over Qatar Human Rights

FIFA officials have announced the COVID policy for international fans attending this year's World Cup in Qatar.
10 hours ago • Sky News

Old Age

Queen Elizabeth II died of old age, her death certificate has revealed.

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Liz Truss

Truss said her widely-criticized policies, which caused chaos in U.K. markets, would grow the economy while supporting households with higher..
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World Service

Latest section of corporation falls victim to real-term reduction in licence fee
3 hours ago •

Roger Maris

Judge's historic blast came against Toronto Blue Jays lefty Tim Mayza on Wednesday night

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Ginni Thomas

Thomas, who contacted lawmakers in Arizona and Wisconsin in weeks after election, gives voluntary interview on Capitol Hill

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Vatican Sanctioned Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Bishop After Timor Accusations

The Vatican said Thursday that it imposed disciplinary sanctions on Nobel Peace Prize-winning Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo in the past two years, following..
7 hours ago •


FIFA’s World Cup rules prohibit political statements on team uniform. Denmark has found a way around that.
8 hours ago • Huffington Post

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