Our Time To Choose: The Institution or The Constitution | The Rob Maness Show EP 334

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Published on April 11, 2024 - Duration: 01:17s

Our Time To Choose: The Institution or The Constitution | The Rob Maness Show EP 334

The world changed significantly in early 2020 when the so-called pandemic broke out from Wuhan, China but the biggest changes were in the U.S. military once an emergency use authorization vaccine was mandated upon all service members.

The lawfulness of that order and its implementation are likely a part of the cause of our recruiting goal challenges today.

Military memberโ€™s right of informed consent, due process, and religious freedom were all violated as military leaders forced members to take an unlicensed EUA vaccine or face disciplinary action.

Eventually Congress rescinded the vaccine mandate, but the damage is done and will likely be with us for a long time.

Restoring trust in military leadership will be difficult as there seems to be a long-term trend of American leaders choosing to protect their institutions instead of the defending the constitution they swore an oath to.

Two men have taken up the challenge of explaining what happened, why this happened, and making recommendations for a course correction before its too late.

Commander Rob Green, is an active duty Navy Commander, author of the book Defending the Constitution behind Enemy Lines, and of the Declaration of Military Accountability, and retired Vice Admiral William โ€œDeanโ€ Lee, who concluded his U.S. Coast Guard career as the Atlantic Area Commander, serving as the operational commander for a force of 21,000 active personnel conducting all U.S. Coast Guard missions from the Rocky Mountains to the Arabian Gulf, spanning across five Coast Guard Districts and 40 states are my guests today.

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