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OWN Networks Southern Saga "Delilah"

OWN Network's "Delilah" | Morning Blend

To speak.

Oh, there's a cldramas that you can find ocalled Delilah, and I am sone of the stars joined usGarrett.

Good to see you.hey, thanks for having me.Yeah.

So we showed a littlpeople who have not yet mashow.

And it's funny becauand get caught up on How dsome leading ladies reallycharge in this show, whichit's pretty much what happTwo best friends.

They'refor a high power law firm.working for a smaller agenand they take on a case.

Tsides of the case and whatAnd the more the case, thepeel, the more explosive iknow, testing their friendone is trying to make partis juggling.

You know, thewith two or three kids into figure it all out.


I love it.

I loWhat was it about this shouh, that it's on my own.

Iyou hear that and you hearit's got to be exciting.

Yto work with Oprah, Uh, asIt's funny.

The story, likan acting, I'm trying to gtrying to get an agent.

Mysame advice.

Yeah, just caget to work.

I'm like, Yeait just just got over on syears ago.

And now I'm woruh, it's face how hands onobviously it's her networklike this, do you see herthe first zoom meeting weand the, you know, prettywas there, and she's handsEverything she does, she'swhy the successions had isfor itself.

Yeah, she's onstarted one of the shows bwere doing a lot of bingelast year, and I think it'can do this now, See, youwere from a couple of yearsurvivor, huge fan of thatthat experience.

I loved yof when you What do you thlook back on those days?

USurvivor was huge for me.that cast.

And that crew.up in Toronto filming.

Um,working with Kieffer was aa part of, I just I find mthe side watching key fora lot from him.

But that sfor me.

So welcome place iHey, how has the last yearshoot this?

And kind of thfascinated with?

You knowkind of shaken out over thand getting new content ouproduction like for you guhave to change things up othings?

Yeah, it was a chaNovember, December, some owas right in the heart of,mode.

And it was it was diBut, you know, it's somethto us, but it's, you know,was tough, you know, withoIt was it was a challenge.it, and that's, you know,and crew and everyone invoI said, Delilah, airing noon a series right now.


Yeah, so I can't reabut it's it's kind of It'sget my hands dirty this tia treat to have you join ucan come back when that neAnd we can talk more aboutlove it.

All right, take cmuch.

And of course, we'll

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