I'm 6ft 9, My Husband's 5ft 4 - Now We've Had A Baby | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

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Published on March 25, 2021 - Duration: 05:19s

I'm 6ft 9, My Husband's 5ft 4 - Now We've Had A Baby | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

A MARRIED couple from Brazil with a 1ft 5" (43cm) height difference have to constantly deal with judgement from members of the public who stare.

Elisane is 6ft 9" (2.07 metres) and her husband Francinaldo is 5ft 4" (1.65 metres), but the couple don't see the unusual height difference as an issue and have been happily together for over eight years and married for six.

Three years ago their first son Angelo was born, and the couple were over the moon to have started a family.

But it hadn't been an easy journey, as Elisane had lost her first pregnancy - and it was particularly difficult when they were told they were expecting twins.

Elisane told Truly: "It still hurts, it was my dream to be a mother and for the doctor to tell me that I lost two, that they were twins, I was in despair." Despite doctors saying she might not ever be able to have a normal birth due to her height, Elisane and Francinaldo are now over the moon to be the parents of two-year-old Angelo.

"It was the happiest moment when he was born - he was 2.6kg, he was born without any problems and now he is here about to be three years old," Elisane said.

Although the couple finally feel like they've become the happy family they've always dreamed of, onlookers still judge their relationship because of their large height difference.

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