Matthew Guidry bids farewell to Southern Miss baseball

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Published on June 27, 2020 -

Matthew Guidry bids farewell to Southern Miss baseball

When the NCAA granted eligibility relief to spring sport athletes, it left players like Southern Miss second baseman Matthew Guidry with a lot to think about.

Because even though life may be kind enough to give us a second chance, we don’t necessarily have to take it.

Matthew Guidry bids farewell to Southern Miss baseball

Pricing starts... at 25 dollars- - - - per person.

- - when the n-c-double-a granted - eligbility relief,- to spring sport athletes... it- left players like southern miss- second baseman matthew guidry..- with a lot to think about.- because even though life may be- kind enough, to give us a - second chance... we don't - necessarily have to take it.- guidry still finding a way to g- out on his terms... - officially calling it the end o- an era, earlier today.- hard not to wonder what could'v- been... leaving u-s-m on a- school record 72-game on-base - streak... with a career batting- average, of .321... to go along- with 17 home runs... and 119- r-b-i.- voted team captain not once but- twice... guidry was - never afraid of the moment... - and was always sure to bring th- positive vibes.

- the golden eagles played in - every conference u-s-a- tournament championship game, - since his arrival to the- program in 20-16... winning the- last two... and three out of- four.

- obviously not the 20-20 senior- send-off he would've hoped- for... but guidry eventually go- his due, on the national- level...- as a part of the senior night - segment... on e-s-p-n's - sportscenter, with scott van- pelt.

- - here's part of his twitter- statement, quote... - southern miss... thank you for- the years that i have spent - growing and learning not only - baseball... but life.

- the positive impact that usm- made on my life cannot be - explained... i have been given- the opportunity to play - alongside - some of the best players and- friends.- i have received some great- advice from an unbelievable - coaching staff... and without - them... i have no idea where my- career could've ended up.

- being voted team captain twice- is my greatest accomplishment..- .

And is something that will- stay with me for the rest of- my life... un-quote.- on a personal note... i've the- pleasure of covering guidry,- ever since his senior year at - oak grove... class act... all - the way.- -

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