NAACP holds fundraiser for international students at LCC

Video Credit: KEZI
Published on May 26, 2020 -
A restaurant donated food to help the group raise money.

NAACP holds fundraiser for international students at LCC

Festivities matt this drive by and dine in barbeque started about an hour ago with x amount of people coming through this year it's special... it falls during eid mubarak which marks the end of ramadan a month where practicing muslims practice fasting from sunrise to sunset as an act of worship all meals are being provided by cafe soriah owner ibrahim hamide this event was started by the black student union at lane community college this year's theme is breaking bread together in freedom and hopes to highlight the african american connection to memorial day, which has been traced to funeral rites observed after the civil war in south carolina ibrahim coulibaly president of the eugene springfield naacp says this year is special.

Ibrahim coulibaly president eugene springfield naacp <"we're happy that they carried on that tradition of muslim brotherhood of giving food during ramadan to help people who are in need but also gather as a community" cafe sohlari was vandalized twice during ramadan which has been observed over the past month this event is also a fundraiser for international students at lcc who are raising money for students in need... the event is happening until 5 so feel free to stop by while there's still food... reporting live

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