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We start tonight at nine with that damaging tornado in tishomingo county// the tornado touched down around 5:30 this evening near the town of tishomingo// in the video you can the rain and sounds like some hail hitting this car// the storm quickly moved east along highway 30 into alabama// the dollar general east of tishomingo was reportedly destroyed as the tornado ripped through// storm spotters also reported trees down and structural damage along county road 106 and county road 130// so far there are no reports of serious injuries or fatalities// first look first look governor tate reeves is taking further steps to slow the spread of coronavirus in mississippi.

He's not ordering a statewide shutdown as we've seen in other states.

But he did issue an executive order that closely follows cdc guidelines in the hopes of making things clear to the public.

Meanwhile, the state is trying to plan for worse case scenarios of an overloaded healthcare system.

Courtney ann jackson has more.

Governor reeves started the press briefing with a timeline of the actions taken by the state up to this point.

"i will take every action that experts tell us will protect mississippi's most vulnerable citizens.

That is my job.

I will make hard decisions and i will do what's right for the people of mississippi."

When asked if he'd consider a statewide shutdown, he says he's won'tanything off the table but... "what is the potential long- term effect?

And it's not just the long-term effects from a money standpoint& how much money you have in your pocket to spend but the long-term effects of the poverty that could cause and the public health effects."

Still--there are questions about whether it's enough.

This wallethub study showing mississippi as the state with the least aggressive measures against the coronavirus.

"we've been under a resource constrained environment.

We haven't had access to testing.

We haven't had access to ppe.

And as we sort of fill out those resource issues, we'll be able to ramp up testing.

We'll be able to ramp up our epidemiological response.

There's a lot of stuff that we can do to sort of respond more aggressively once we get these resources issues fixed."

Another issue being addressed is access to hospital beds and proper equipment if the state's cases needing hospitalization surge.

"we do not want to have a situation in mississippi where we have to make life-and-death decisions based on the supply of ventilators or icu rooms. but something that we take very very seriously."

Governor reeves says they are looking at options that could fill those gaps.

"i think you'll see us in the coming days tour some potential options, should we get to that.

We don't expect we're going to get to that.

We don't think it will get to that but we are going to prepare for it."

The order also specifies what's considered essential businesses// wipe to vo columbus already has a curfew in place.

Now, officers are finding ways to enforce the restricted hours.

Police chief fred shelton says there will be checkpoints in place to ensure everyone is following the new ordinance.

The curfew is from 10 pm until 6 am.

Only essential travel is allowed.

Shelton says the roadblocks will be a various locations around the city and will be moving around all night long.

Social media is one reason officers move from area to area.

"once we get out there and set up people are going to go on facebook live and say don't go down that street or that street, or some people may even come by showing us out.

And once we set up, about ten minutes later traffic shuts down."

Shelton expects the checkpoints to continue through the weekend.

Starkville strong... it's a phrase you may have seen floating around on social media// it's no secret that recent social distancing practices have taken a toll on both small businesses and those who are self-employed// our cash matlock spoke with area entrepreneurs about their recent decline in revenue... and how they hope to overcome it// "last monday, we did $7.99 in sales."

Local business owner marc anthony says the effects of social distancing have crippled his business.

"we had quite a few orders cancelled after the university closed, and we were trying to come up with a way to cash- flow the store because business has died in starkville with the university down."

Looking for a way to boost sales, anthony got creative.

The phrase starkville strong has been circulating online, with many starkville natives pledging to support a different small business every day of the week.


Starkville strong has gone from a popular phrase... to a fashion statement.

"we're trying to keep them employed, keep them working, this is one way we're doing it.

It gives them something to print.

You know, we're trying to make ends meet."

óóó standup: "small businesses aren't the only ones falling on hard times, the past few weeks have been a struggle for self- employed people as well, like the stylists from chromatix on main who closed their doors monday."

óóó "if we're not behind the chair, we're not making money.

It's just as plain and simple as that."

Pam foster has been a stylist for 34 years.

She said she's never faced an obstacle quite like this.

"we're just having to reschedule our clients, we're trying to figure out how far out we need to re-book them and try to help them as much as we can and calm their nerves also."

Unlike other jobs, hair stylists are considered self- employed... making them ineligible for unemployment benefits.

But even though the salon chairs are empty... there's still a few ways clients can help.

"if they would or if they can maybe pay for their appointment in advance for the appointment that's coming up for whenever we do get to do their hair again.

Retail sales, you know, if you buy retail from your stylist, you can always still continue to buy it, and as needed, you know, we maybe could do a drop off or something like that."

In starkville, cash matlock, wcbi news.

For more information on starkville strong, you can visit our website at wcbi dot com.

New at nine in the wake of this global pandemic, many people are rushing to buy the essential items such as food, and water, but did you know there's another item high up on the priority list.

Many people are also purchasing firearms. our quentin smith visits a local pawnshop to find out what's causing the spike in business.

He joins us live from downtown with more.

Scott, the owner scott, the owner of gary's pawn and gun says..he believes people are buying fire arms for personal safety amid the coronavirus outbreak... in this time of thing that is certain - workers here are keeping the shelves full as people look to exercise their second amendment right.

Nat rifles... nat handguns... nat and ammunition.... nat they're all flying off the shelves and off the racks at gary's pawn and gun.

Gary dedeaux/owner of gary's pawn and gun " we are busy all the time, but business is probably up maybe 30 or 40% more then we normally have."

Store owner, gary dedeaux says the increase in business is tied to the covid-19 outbreak hitting home.

"this coronavirus seems to be scaring more people.

It feels like more people are concerned for their safety, so our handgun sales have gone up, and we've had more new buyers than we've ever seen, people that never owned a firearm before."

Dedeaux says it's common to see people stock up on firearms and ammunition during times of uncertainty..

" i think some of it is just like, they just want to have it.

They want to have extra ammunition just in case, i don't totally understand it, but we're in business and we are just moving forward."

The new influx of customers is causing them to call in extra and larger orders to help keep up with the demand.

" we did not see this coming.

We weren't where we'd like to be at an inventory, but being in business as long as we've been in business we've made a lot of good relationships with manufacturers, and they're taking care of us as best as they can."

Even with the rush of customers, dedeaux says they're still practicing and taking precautionary measures by only allowing 15 customers inside the shop at one time.

Reporting live in columbus.

Quentin smith.

Wcbi news.

New york city is at the center of the corona virus// up next the warning from the big apple's mayor for all americans.

Roll re entry welcome back// president trump says he's ready for americans to get back to work -- by easter sunday.... even though the world health organization now says the u-s could soon be the global epicenter of the outbreak// today the governor of new york said cases in his state are growing so rapidly... there won't be enough beds in hospital i-c- us to handle all of the sick// meg oliver reports// : we haven't flatten the curve, and the curve is actually increasing.

Today a stark warning - with the peak of the pandemic just 14 to 21 days away new york governor andrew cuomo told the country to sit up and pay attention to new york.

Cuomo look at us today, where we are today.

You will be in three weeks or four weeks or five weeks or six weeks.

We are your future.

With nearly 1 out of 4 new york coronavirus patients in intensive care, cuomo outlined a desperate need: 40- thousand more icu beds and 30- thousand ventilators.

Sot/cuomo where are they?

Where are the ventilators?

Vice president pence responded a couple hours later.

Earlier today, fema from the national stockpile, shipped 2,000 ventilators to the state of new york.

And tomorrow, there will be another 2,000.

But for the governor, it is not nearly enough.

Sot/cuomo: "you pick the 26- thousand people who are going to die" in teaneck, new jersey the crisis is just as dire.

Sot/dr. saggar 1:40 it's incredible and it hit so fast dr. suraj saggar with holy name medical center says his hospital has just ten ventilators left, and they're running dangerously low on supplies 1:20-meg: "how desperate are you for more ventilators.

Dr. saggar: "you know that is the big, huge concern."

But there are signs of recovery..

32-year old photographer matt shulte tested positive after a shoot in aspen, and had severe complications.

He's now recovering in california.

'"i'm obviously an example f how it can affect a young, healthy person.

But more importantly, it's the effect that you can have on everybody else."

Tag: we have gotten a clue as to how the virus may have spread so quickly here.

The white house task force research coordinator, deborah birx believes subway riders who touched contaminated metal surfaces where the virus can live for days may have accelerated the spread.

Mo, cbs news, new york.

Bb prescription bb prescription health roll wx open tonight: the severe weather threat is over for our area but there will still be some rain and t-showers around for the next few hours.

Overnight lows will be in the mid 50s with cloudy skies developing.

Wednesday: cloudy skies early with sunshine developing during the day.

Highs top out in the low 70s.

Winds n 5-15 mph.

Wednesday night: clear and quiet.

Cooler lows in the upper 40s to around 50.

Thursday & friday: partly cloudy and warm.

Highs well into the 80s.

Some new record highs can't be ruled out.

Lows in the 60s.

Saturday: staying warm with more highs in the 80s.

Additional showers and storms are possible during the afternoon and evening with another cold front heading our way.

Some strong storms can't be ruled out and it's something we're going to continue monitoring.

Sunday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies return.

Cooler 60s and low 70s can be expected.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and on the wcbi news app a quarantined marathon runner thinks on his feet and a state trooper busts a move with his daughter ... those stories and more coming up in today's take a look at this!

Watch how being quarantined couldn't keep one marathon runner from going the distance!

Jeremy roth has today's take a look at this!

Watch a runner in france run the entire length of a full marathon... on his apartment balcony!

The 32-year-old furloughed worker wasn't about to let a little thing ... like a global pandemic quarantine stop him from going the distance... so he decided to keep up his training by running the length of a marathon... that's more than 26 miles-- on his 23 foot balcony ... and the feat looked incredible ... ly boring.

But thankfully, his girlfriend was there, supporting him, feeding him m&ms and coca- cola along the way hey, you wanna win?

You gotta fuel like a winner!

The man estimates he made roughly 3,000 laps on the balcony ... and finished in 6 hours and 48 minutes, a personal record.

I'm betting it was all the sugar!

When a nebraska girl's dance competition was canceled due to the coronavirus ... her state trooper dad waltzed in and saved the day like so many activities, the girl's dance season had to be put on hold, what wi1thn social distancing and all ..

So the students were encouraged to practice by teaching their routine to their parents and that included lieutenant kroenke of the nebraska state patrol he performed the full routine and was praised for being "a good sport" nebraska state patrol shared the video, which so far has racked up over 142,000 views for talat - i'm jeremy roth we'll have a last look at your forecast when we come back//

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