Coronavirus Could Change 911 Dispatchers Questions

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Published on March 12, 2020 -

Coronavirus Could Change 911 Dispatchers Questions

Breken Terry explains what changes dispatchers at the 911 center will have to make due to Covid-19.

Coronavirus Could Change 911 Dispatchers Questions

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Tonight we learned covid-19 could change what dispatchers ask you if you call 911.

Officials told us it wouldn't be the first time - it happened during the swine flu outbreak in 2009!

Waay 31's breken terry explains what would change.

Just beyond these doors is a room full of 911 dispatchers here in colbert county.

If we get confirmation of a covid-19 case here in the state these dispatchers will have to change the questions they ask callers.

Smith- during swine flu we had a directive from adph to change our modified caller quiry.

Colbert county emergency management director michael david smith said during the 2009 swine flu epidemic, dispatchers asked extra questions - like "have you been around someone wtih swine flu?"

Smith- if they met a certain criteria that caused us to believe they were infected then we would make sure the responders were aware of that and make a notification to the local health department.

Smith said they haven't changed dispatchers' questions yet.

Smith- as of right now with the coronavirus we have not been given any modified caller quirey's from adph at this time.

One woman in the shoals told me she's glad to hear there are measures in place to keep first responders healthy.

Maitland- it's a good idea to protect the emts that are doing their jobs that are helping people out here.

In colbert county bt waay31.

The e-m-a director told us if his department gets the orders to change questions - he'll let us know.


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