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Images Model and Talent Agency is preparing for their international modeling and talent association competition in July!


C1 3 in people that actually like agency association they're going in july joining is not the result of the upcoming surgery jamie olmsted and kevin lee filter is electrically is now we i like for me to appreciate being the world modeling the glamorous and so many people that i don't realize the work discovered in the first place and are just so small you will be people now we see here we have auditions on this will be from our new york trip to the iata in january we go to ally, which is where and when and we do a big audition and if people are interested they do not need to have any training that they do not need to cost anything to audition ages four through adult and we do a lot of edition and actually got an audition last year license on my gavin here is again is so cool about him is said he experienced encephalitis, which is not cool when he was three o four for a while and had to relearn the wall talk to do everything right now it's been quite a journey for him place a wonderful that he came to images for self-confidence and is feeling that binds out and the confidence to audition and then came audition.

This confidence shouldn't be an issue right or just itineraries a talk about the work that goes into that and last you're going your normally go back again ... i just made it some more confidence in the one in the go make a name for myself.

So what do we continue to generate is crazy.

The only business is where you're told.

No fight.

He is actually been slack to the internet in the holiday here in lexington and he graduated from high school.

My question is last year which was a real accomplishment.

I think the learning and having to memorize and just to do everything you have to do why why you do this women doing it for over 40 years.

I have a degree in teaching and counseling.

He was asked to select volunteer for my husband's idea after i was in charge of the swine flu the citizen in clay county created is i started my own with $500 loan from farmers bank in frankfurt is 4000 died.

If you nation.

We did our own business climbing credit cards and everything thing my whole idea is to feel good about yourself and i really had not been in la and pa so much but realized to be discovered by one had the next and this is what i intended as a student at and his agency is in atlanta to do something t audition our ... a request for something in just submitted a graduation

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