War in Ukraine pushes India to obtain more self-propelled guns

Credit: IndiaTimes- Published on September 29, 2023
India is planning to add more self-propelled long range artillery to its arsenal after officials conducted a study indicating their effectiveness in shaping Russiaโ€™s war in Ukraine.The South Asian country wants to obtain another 400 of these guns, which would make the equipment about a sixth of all artillery pieces in the...

Video credit: Rumble
Published on September 28, 2023 -
Another Sad GOP Debate + Even Sadder Impeachment + Ukraine Senate Battle Lines | Kash, Spicer, Rand
Did you watch last night's debate? Hopefully not. It was a depressing display. Charlie shows the lowlights, then asks the most important question: How does Wednesday's display help the GOP put more ballots into the box? Also, why can't the GOP even get a Biden impeachment right? Sean Spicer offers additional reaction. Kash Patel responds to the latest sinister court ruling against Trump. Sen. Rand Paul talks about the neverending war to stop funding Ukraine's neverending war.

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