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The new president for the lee county board of supervisors says he wants to get action taken on the current jail, which is outdated and in need of major repairs.

But the county's top law enforcement officer says he doesn't believe the new board president wants to do what it will take to fix the issues with the jail.

Allie martin has more.

Moments after he was elected president of the lee county board of supervisors earlier this month, tommy lee ivy said deciding whether to build a new jail, or renovate the existing one, was a top priority.

"i don't have nothing against the jail, we need the jail, but we need a good price tag to get a jail."

Three years ago, supervisors turned down a proposal to build a new jail and justice center, citing a price that was too high.

Supervisors have looked at the issue many times in recent years.

On thursday morning, board president tommy lee ivy toured the lee county jail, to get another look at the facility, that faced overcrowding issues since it opened in the mid 1990s.

Standup bridge board president ivy was set to do an interview with us after his tour of the jail, but he cancelled the interview, saying he wants to bring in a consultant to see what the best steps are going forward.

Meantime, sheriff jim johnson says the county and its taxpayers have been down that road before.

"i personally think it is a slap in my face and people of this county, for a supervisor to decide at this point in time it's time to come down here and look at the jail, we've been looking at this for five years , you've paid a consultant at least 20 thousand dollars, toured other jails, drew up plans of what we need and now you think it's time to come down here and look at the jail is exactly why we're in the shape that we're in."

Sheriff johnson says an assault this past weekend by an inmate on a corrections officer is an example of the need for a new facility.

"we had an individual housed here since october for an armed robbery, had to move him, due to several violations, moved him to the holding cell, and you ended up having two officers in a cell with about 15 or 20 of them, that's environment we're in everyday, you can tour it all day long , going to be same problem, not going to get any better."

Sheriff johnson says he is not convinced supervisors want to spend any money to solve the ongoing issue.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news sheriff johnson says the conditions also make it hard to attract and keep quality staff for the jail.

Take gfx off top two people are arrested in columbus after a shooting in new albany.

21-year-old ladarius doss of columbus and 20- year-old khailynn chapman of okolona are both facing charges.

New albany police chief chris robertson says the duo went to the walmart to buy a cell phone from a person in the parking lot.

Investigators say money was exchanged but chapman wanted to cancel the deal.

Robertson says the buyer attempted to leave the parking lot and doss reportedly shot at the victim.

Take developing story stinger a tremont woman is dead and her husband clinging to life after their home exploded.

Neighbors called 9-1-1 wednesday night around 7:40 after hearing a loud explosion on state line road in tremont.

Firefighters found the home of wendell and sandy hutson engulfed in flames after an apparent blast leveled the residence.

76 year old sandy hutson was dead at the scene, her husband was flown to tupelo, then taken to the med in memphis.

The state fire marshal's office is investigating.

A neighbor, who didn't want her face on camera, says friends of the couple are in shock.

"they were really sweet friends, i'd known them my entire life, sweet people, he did my bush hogging for me in the summer, brought us vegetables , beautiful couple."

"standard practice, anytime there's a fire related death we call the state fire marshal's office, they're here to assist us and now we're looking at causes of it."

Four area fire departments helped fight the blaze.

The explosion was felt several miles away.

Two men who risk their life each day are honored for their work.

The amory rotary club recognizes its police officer and firefighter of the year.

Winners are voted on by their co- workers.

They are judge on courage, honor, training, working with their peers, and going above the call of duty.

The firefighter of the year is lt.

Donnie sloan.

He has been answering fire calls for 18 years.

Police officer of the year is jacob rhodes.

He has been wearing a badge for two years at apd.

"it's a great blessing to be able to serve in this capacity because everyone is not up for this type of work or line of duty.

It takes special people to be called to do this."

"take it step by step.

Make the right decisions and just know whatever decision you make, i know my department will support me and that's the biggest thing for me...is just having people support you no matter what you do."

Rhodes is originally from caledonia.

This is the ninth year the rotary club has presented the awards.

First look stinger first look summary: showers taper off tonight and that will set up a mostly cloudy but mainly dry friday.

The weekend is going to start off on a sunny and pleasant note but we're adding back in the chance of showers for sunday.

Another system may spread more rain our way by the middle of next week.

Thursday night: 2 shot finding a job and keeping a job are key to a healthy economy.

So is getting paid for the work that you do.

But, senior living dot org reports people who live in mississippi are still at or near the bottom of their study.

Here's what they found.

Unemployment rates are right in the middle at number 25.

That means jobs that are available are being filled and that sounds pretty good.

But they also found that the people without a job are having trouble getting one.

That's what they call the change in unemployment.

Mississippi is 41st there.

And, we are at the absolute bottom when it comes to annual wage.

Mississippians on average are not paid as much as people who live in all other states.

But the formula that pulls mississippi's economy down is called the per capita gross domestic product.

The gross domestic product looks at how much each one of us spends.

That's the per capita part.

Then it looks at how much the state government spends on us - from education to roads.

It looks at business investments and the kind of products we make and send to other people, and the products sent to us.

After averaging everything on that list, mississippi ranks 51st.

And this matters because all of this affects the quality of life for people who live in mississippi - and could affect whether or not a new business makes the decision to move to the state.

That new business could mean more jobs.

And the whole cycle begins again.

Wipe to vo several groups come together today to help mississippians find jobs..

The empower job fair brought dozens of folks out to the louisville community safe room today.

Economic development organizations in choctaw, kemper, webster and winston counties hosted the event.

Going back and forth between employers is an advantage for the company and job seekers.

"it goes back to exposure.

For us it's getting, you know everything to us is virtual.

People can do things online.

You can apply online.

But sometimes it's good to get that non verbal face- to-face interview.

Because you can get a feel of what somebody has.

And also there's opportunities you may not be able to portray online that the individual employers or employees can either illustrate or basically receive."

A workforce development grant from 4- county electric power association helped pay for the job fair.

It was a day of opportunity for those looking for a job in winston county.

Our bobby martinez was there for some of the face-to-face meetings and joins us live in the studio with more... bobby?

Guys, they say first impressions are everything.

And today in lewis- ville dozens had the opportunity to meet with employers and convince them, they are the ones for the job.

"everybody needs jobs."

But finding one can be stressful.

Job fairs can be much like a first date... everyone is nervous, they have a lot of questions, and aren't sure what the future holds.

Derarius miller says despite those feelings, he's ready to find a steady job.

Sot - derarius miller "i feel like it's better hands on hands.

Because you get to interact and get to really know how they feel.

You feel what i'm saying.

I get to see they body language and how they really comingoff.

So i fees way better to interact with somebody than rather be online."

Sot - tykeria harris "it's better face- to-face because you get to actually see a person and hear their actual background and things instead of being online and you don't know who the person is and what they look like."

Many of the people looking for a job want to find the right fit for their career.

They also know they have to bring certain skills to the table.

The unemployment rate for winston county is nearly six percent.

Events, such as the empower job fair, show folks in lewis ville there are opportunities available.

Sot - marquesha davis "i feel like it gives the community knowledge and let's them know what's out here.

Because louisville is so small so we don't really know what jobs they have available.

So this is a great experience today."

After meeting with dozens of companies, it's now a waiting game for iesha hall.

She hopes this job fair is a step in the right direction.

"hopefully i get to learn more about the next job fair, head to our website, wcbi.com.

Guys - back to you.

Stinger the communiversity has begun its second semester we get a progress report business and community leaders in west point get a progress report from the director of emcc's communiversity..

The workforce development center specializes in equipping workers with the skills they need to land jobs at area employers..

Courtney taylor says building partnerships with businesses and exposing students to what workforce training skills are offered, is crucial in the success of creating a strong workforce community// "i think one of the biggest problem we have in workforce development community colleges is that people don't fully understand the opportunities that we have that we can provide.

The communiversity helps people see what that can be.

It's all the glass on the outside, it's all the glass on the inside, so we can tour kindergartner if we want to and we can expose them to opportunities that they may not have another way of getting exposed to."

Taylor says they hope to build partnerships with businesses outside of the golden triangle as well// lowndes county's new school superintendent wants to build on the district's success..

Over the last year, lowndes county schools made big strides towards student success and earned an a- rating.

Newly appointed superintendent sam allison says he's focused on keeping that momentum going.

Allison says keeping an eye on student performance is key to growth.

He hopes that will lead to continuing success// " we have to recognize that as a school district that some kids need more, some kids need different.

There's not a one size fits all.

At the end of the day,it's all about what can we do to be better.

What can we do to empower the people that are out there.

Our teachers, our administrators because those are the ones because you want to support them they're the ones that are going to make the differences in kids lives."

Allison has worked in the lowndes county school district for over 10 years.

Stinger summary: showers taper off tonight and that will set up a mostly cloudy but mainly dry friday.

The weekend is going to start off on a sunny and pleasant note but we're adding back in the chance of showers for sunday.

Another system may spread more rain our way by the middle of next week.

Thursday night: most rain goes away by midnight but clouds will hold on all night long.

Lows near 40.

Winds veer from the se to the w between 5 and 15 mph.

Friday: mostly cloudy.

Temperatures top out in the 40s to low 50s.

Breezy sw winds between 5 and 15 mph.

Friday night: clearing skies with cooler temperatures in the low 30s.

Saturday: mostly sunny and pleasant.

Near normal highs in the low to mid 50s.

Lows in the mid 30s saturday night.

Sunday: mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of showers.

Highs near 50.

Monday: clouds & sun.

Highs in the mid 50s.

Lows near 40 monday night.

Tuesday- wednesday: mostly cloudy with areas of rain likely.

Timing is still up in the air but rain could come in as early as tuesday afternoon or wait until wednesday.

Highs should remain in the 50s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app summary: showers taper off tonight and that will set up a mostly cloudy but mainly dry friday.

The weekend is going to start off on a sunny and pleasant note but we're adding back in the chance of showers for spx big win last night for mississippi state men's basketball....three straight wins, the latest being the best resume building win in terms of ncaa tournament talk going into wednesday night, arkansas was the highest quadrant 2 win you could get nationally....and the bulldogs jump up 6 spots in the latest net rankings to 53rd ben howland says his team is playing the best it has all season...but with road matchups against oklahoma and florida up next, the dogs are taking it one game at a time "we're playing good basketball right now and its on to the next game.

Its one game at a time.

We've won the last three, and obviosuly we want to go out and contiune to improve, grow and i think we're doing that right now as a team.

And we want to continue to play better than we're playing."

"we know every game is a big game.

We knew the past three were going to be big.

We didn't want to dig a hole bigger than what we dug ourselves in.

So just paying close attention to the scout in practice, and knowing what we have to do to win.

When we got our first win in the sec, we knew exactly what we had to do to continue to win, and we wanted to build on it.

We're going to try and continue to build on it."

Sec standings....lsu alone at the top of the men's standings with a 6- 0 record then the hagepage....8 teams separated by two wins....missisisppi state back in the middle of things with the 3-3 record....the bulldogs next sec matchup coming against florida next week....oklahoma up next for the sec big 12 challenge saturday the back half...ole miss...the enigma of the sec...very easily could be one of the 3-2, 2-3 teams.....will face georgia on saturday hailstate hoops with a chance to get back in the win column tonight.....on the road taking on vanderbilt heading into the game, the bulldogs will feature one of the nation's top defenders senior guard jordan danberry named to the naismith defensive player of the year midseason team... danberry ranks third in the sec, and 19th nationally in steals per game....while scoring 14 points per game danberry and the bulldogs take on the commodores tonight at 8...the game will be on sec network the talent in women's basketball in mississippi will continue to be through the roof...the mcdonald's all- americans named for the 2020 season mississippi state signee madison hayes becomes the second bulldog ever to be named a mcdonalds all- american...rickea jackson being the first hayes is the nation's 29th best prospect according to espn and ole miss women's basketball gets its first ever mcdonalds all american in madison scott....the nation's 13th best prospect ole miss womens hoops in action tonight, taking on auburn after 16 nfl seasons....ole miss legend eli manning will retire from the game of football... manning will go out a two-time super bowl winner, winning mvp in both... while at ole miss...manning set 45 single game, season, and career passing records....was the number one overall pick in the 2004 nfl draft, and won the maxwell in 2003 when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

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