Steve Gleason awarded Congressional Gold Medal

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Steve Gleason awarded Congressional Gold Medal

Ask a Saints fan, any Saints fan where they were when Steve Gleason gave new life to the City of New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast region decimated by Hurricane Katrina and they’ll know where they were.

Steve Gleason awarded Congressional Gold Medal

- "the former saint morten anderson is - here for most field goals.

Look- out!

Right through!

A kick- blocked!

By steve - gleason!

It is scooped and- scored by curtis deloatch!- touchdown new orleans!"

Crowd noise - - - - - ask a saints fan... ask any - saints fan where they were when- steve - gleason gave new life, to the - city of new orleans... and- the entire gulf coast region- decimated by hurricane- katrina... they'll know where - they were.- i was a sophomore in high - school... at my mom's house - in diamondhead... jumping up an- down in the living room... on - the brink of tears... from pure- elation.- and yet, in that moment of re-- birth... an even greater human- story was beginning to take - form, through football... the - story of steve gleason... and - his courageous fight, with- a-l-s.- today... that story takes on ne- meaning, in the nation's- capital... more than nine years- after his diagnosis.- gleason is now the recipient of- the congressional - gold medal... the highest - civilian honor, awarded by- congress.

- a saints hero, turned american- hero... the 42-year-old - gleason has been living with lo- gehrig's disease, since - 2011... and continues to help - those who struggle with - a-l-s... and other debilitating- diseases.

- he's the first-ever n-f-l - player, to receive the- congressional - gold medal... capping off a - seven-year career, in new - orleans... with that blocked- punt against the atlanta- falcons,- in 2006.- a symbol of hope then, in the - superdome... and a symbol of- hope- now, in statuary hall... gleaso- accepts the award, on behalf- of all families... struggling - - - - with adversity... sense of humo- and all.- - "while sharing ones weaknesses may not - be common practice for people,- especially for politicians in a- election year - wink, - wink - sharing my weakness was- entirely critical for me to pla- eight years in the nfl.

- - - - and it has been unquestionably- critical to my survival and - purpose for the past- - - - nine years, living with a - disease as dreadfully beautiful- as als.

I feel that this- honor represents some joy and - encouragement and even triumph- - - - for the tens of thousands of- extraordinary families currentl- enduring life with als."

- - - "steve, you're an inspiration you're a- source of strength to so many,- especially me, a true

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