My Best Me - Health Fair Preparations

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Published on December 10, 2019 -

My Best Me - Health Fair Preparations

Maurice has the last minute preps to get ready for the My Best Me Health Fair happening Saturday at Orchard Knob Missionary Baptist Church.

My Best Me - Health Fair Preparations

And in the application had assigned him to be 18 years or older to do the right and then they put you in the pool of qualification as good as you ge this fasting glucose, blood pressure, bmi, body weight again.

You can do it online prior to getting there or you can bring your physical as well as your physical is not more than 12 months old.

If you do the physical mastery must would love to know what your a1c is this would help you qualify eve more so if i know what your a1c is and that usually part of you physical idea is to choose prediabetic, it's because the goal here is to prevent diabete type ii diabetes.

If you talk to diabetic.

We watch on the program and decided to take on another 100 people focus on the top of the 300 and know this is like a lesson.

We teamed up with the pharmaceutical product.

The company called associate naming the meters and the strip for th diabetic, and one mistake on hundred people that are thought to diabetic so were looking for prediabetic for the top two diabetics anyone else.

The struggle you don't fall into what is eligible either.

You ca be known slightly overweight to my further as well.

This is a program for everyone.

It would really talk about the prediabetic ending of the importance of fighting diabetes.

But we don't want to exclude anyone either call if you have high blood pressure.

If you hav cholesterol.

This program is fo you to focus is diabetes, but it's to help to mingle and what not.

But what my business doing rich the health and wellness is one of focus and communities.

There is the don't have health clubs that don't have grocery stores.

We want to bring health and wellness to those communities.

If your single mom struggling if you really want to be healthier.

If you've tried different diets and had succeeded.

If you really want t 22 weeks of coaching motivation.

Some of the topics will cover just like stress management.

I think grocery shopping city were going to do things that will help you permanently make lifestyle change.

Let's do some crazy guy and he mentioned he had a work in unity grocery shopping at the city and some o the things i guess we have to d the past.

Community and corporate sponsors that have become a part of this program will help you.

These are corporations like the like.

The pharmaceutical company that did not want to be a part of this and want to help you change your life as well.

This is a community effort and we want you to be involved with the first step is to be joining us this saturday.

Course the paperwork is to be available online to search my best will link to it on our facebook page is about.

If you any questions you know we can always give me call.

I will ask that any mention of course we will probably can get a lot of pay rent to have children, no kids to be a part of the if there 12 and older and they can participate with the parents.

You can drop them off island 22 weeks and leave the kid absolutely look i think it's a big plus.

Even spouses right because if you can encourage your wife or husband come with you enjoy this program heaven shall for being on the same page is a big piece of the long-term success of a permanent lifestyl change because if you're on one page and your spouses is a is on another page makes it very tough to reasoning with long-term, so bring your kids.

If there 12 over if they're interested in.

I think it's for everybody.

It's what we can have great time in 20 or just curious about you.

Not sure if all if i come join us at health and can be a lot of great businesses they are free to learn more about.

Regardless of your current situation so wealthy saturday 8 am to 1 pm this weekend at orchard non- missionary baptist

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