Funding cuts reduced Josephine County deputies to just three in 2012

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
The Sheriff's Office also has not had any detectives since the cuts began.

Funding cuts reduced Josephine County deputies to just three in 2012


Announ "average day at least in 2000 1817 of our neighbors in josephine county didn't get a response if they should get when they call 911" "more than 8000 colors that went without a deputy or law-enforcement response."

Right now, josephine county only has 23 patrol deputies.

That's one deputy for every 2,135 people.

Two line: kelly jarvis, director of research and community health "josephine county definitely has the fewest.

The fewest number of deputies per capita they also have no detectives every other county has at least one detective."

Jarvis is on the team that spent the last two years working on this study.

And she says it all starts with pushing people to understand the importance of their tax dollars.

"josephine pays less and getting less coverage as a result."

When you see that we're paying about $23 for versus jackson county who is paying $58 a year for law-enforcement it makes a significant difference difference and josephine county is considered one of the poorest counties."

Jim frick is a real estate brooker for southwest oregon.

He says it can be hard to sell property in josephine county.

Two line: jim frick, real estate industry that have people coming in with children and if you're trying to recruit doctors or teachers to the area especially those with children they want to make sure that they're safe wherever they're going" agencies are stretched thin trying to help josephine county.

Some calls are diverted to o-s-p.

But sometimes they even are too busy or too far away, to respond.

Two line:jay meredith, board member of securing our safety "josephine county is the only county in oregon where osp is providing this kind of service program that they don't provide anywhere else" of the lack of patrol bookings and a third ended in a forced release...meaning 24-hundred people were released because there was no where to hold addition to having fewer deputies than needed, the county also doesn't even have a detective.

"some of the basics follow up doesn't have the capacity to have a detective" this was a study conducted

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