Crystal Butler Habitat Home

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Crystal Butler Habitat Home

Crystal Butler Habitat Home

A single mom of two boys is now the owner of a brand new home?

Thanks to habitat for humanity of henderson.

Crystal butler and her two sons walked through the front door of their new home for the first time earlier today.

Crystal already has a unique connection with the group.

She works as the manager for habitat restore?

And her hard work there has paid off big time?

Allowing her to purchase her*very own home with the help of habitat.

"i was'nt gonna apply for a habitat house but brittany talked me into it and so just seeing the other families it was like heart warming and i cried at every single one of them so just seeing this happen for me and my kids is very exciting."

Crystal's new home is located near the splash park in henderson.

She says she's excited to take her boys there when the weather gets warmer.

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