Chico to create mock-water tower, cell phone tower

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Chico to create mock-water tower, cell phone tower

Chico's Planning Commission is being asked to approve a cell phone tower that will resemble a water tower.

Chico to create mock-water tower, cell phone tower

Happening today... the chico planning commission will consider putting a mock cell phone tower to replace a cal water tower in the neighborhood of the avenues.

Action news now reporter jafetserrato is live in chico& jafet does the tower still have any water inside?

No... the tower only has cell phone equipment here at oleander and east sixth avenues.

Its considered a historical landmark in chico... the commission is trying to perserve it with a mock version.

Here's how the tower looks now its deemed seismically unsafe by cal water... then this is how the mock tower will look like.

Staff is reccomending the mock-water tower be approved&.

Saying that verizon wireless adapted its proposal to address neighbor's concerns.

Action news now spoke with people back in june when the commission discussed the demolition a lot of them say they feel like a piece of history will be lost.

A decision is expected at tonight's meeting regarding the mock tower.

Live in chico jafetserrato action news now.

We have the staff report on the

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