Meigs Co Has Success Going For Two

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Meigs Co Has Success Going For Two

Meigs Co Has Success Going For Two

Quarterback aaron swafford got the tigers to the state title game on saturday.

Swafford has done it all for the tigers this year.

Well almost.

When he started having trouble kicking extra points, meigs county started going for two, and that might have made them even tougher.

The goal posts at meigs county haven't enjoyed as much use this year, especially in the playoffs.

The tigers have ditched the p-a-t for the t-w-o try.

Fitzgerald:"we went for two and made it half the time, and that would be like making a hundred percent of our extra points.

We weren't making a hundred percent of our extra points, so it's just a percentage thing."

The tigers go big when they go for two.

Swafford:"at one point and time i was kicking extra points.

We figured if i'm going to be on the field, we might as well run behind our big old line and score an extra point after that."

Fitzgerald:"we are going to put our big guys in.

We are going to snap it to our best player.

If you can stop him from the three yard line, then you got us."

Aaron swafford even prefers the two point play to the extra point.

Swafford:"you wouldn't think but honestly it's easier to run that little three yards than it is to line yourself up and swing your leg at a football.

You wouldn't think about that, espeically when it's not automatic when i'm kicking."

Reporter:"what's the most two point conversions ya'll made in a game do you think y'all have got?"

Grant:"i wanna say probably about four.

Three or four."

The two point strategy worked in the semi-finals.

Trousdale scored late, and they had to go for two to tie the game.

They didn't make it.

Fitzgerald:"if they're not real confidant in that then that can work in our favor too because they think hey, we've got to go for two because they are going to go for two each time, and we've got to go for two to keep up with them.

If they are not real confident in their two point plays then that does help us out.

Every time we score in the state championship game, we are going to go for two.

That's just how we are

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