MGCCC smothers Lackawanna for fifth National Title

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

MGCCC smothers Lackawanna for fifth National Title

Unlike the constant debate surrounding the College Football Playoff, this year’s NJCAA National Championship Game leaves no question as to whether or not the right teams got in.

MGCCC smothers Lackawanna for fifth National Title

... overpressure area, moving west - unlike the constant debate- surrounding the college - football playoff... this year's- n-j-c-double-a to east across the gulf ...- national championship game, - leaves no ques know what's all this passes tio- whether or not the right teams- got in.

- presenting mississippi gulf - coast community college... and through, it looks like why were- lacka-wanna college... the only- - - going to finally see ...- two programs, in the country...- without a loss.

- better yet... the only two- programs, in the country... cool dry air moving in love - without two or more losses.

- tanner... i have a feeling we - are in kansas...- let's to go pittsburg state - university... top-ranked that ridge moves to the ...- bulldogs trying to complete northeast of us ...- their perfect season... and - bring the program's fifth - national title... back to .

We still have cloud covered - perkinston- first quarter... all kinds of - grown man moves from- marquise bridges... burning - bridges left and righ here, especially as the slow t.- shedding multiple defenders...- and i mean multiple...- all the way down to the falcons kind of gets ...- one.- bulldogs cap that off, with an- austin bolton touchdown the lingers in and starts to - plunge... his first of two on - - - pull back as we see that ...- the day... former poplarville - hornet showing the national - stage how they do it, at the- hornets nest.


A stationary boundary - and we'll have more highlights,- over on w-x-x-v on n-b-c at - 10... - ...pbut for now...- the bulldogs have done it...- they have done it... and they - have sourcing it being pulled back - done it convincingly... 24-13 - final... first national - championship, since 2007... jack up ...&- wright becomes just the second .

This eventually transitions - head coach, in the history of - junior college football... to - win - it all, with two different toward warm front, attached to - programs... chance- lovertich graduates having neve- lost a start, for - gulf coast... and the player of- the game, as told by c-b-s- sports another frontal system ...- network... poplarville alum - austin bolton... let's... - freaking... becomes

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