Health Talk- Children's ER #3

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Health Talk- Children's ER #3

We learn in our Health Talk with Baptist when to take your child to the ER when symptoms of the flu worsens.

Health Talk- Children's ER #3

News app being a parent can sometimes get scary// especially when your child gets sick// but when is it an appropriate time to take your child to the emergency room?

We learn more in our health talk with baptist// when to go to the er?


I'm dr pam sykes, a pediatrician at baptist memorial hospital-golden triangle.

One of the most common questions i get from parents is "when do i need to take my child to the emergency room?"

We need to remember that er stands for emergency room which means it is for life or death emergencies.

This would means health concerns that cannot wait till the morning when a patient could see their regular pediatrician.

The definition of an emergency can be subdivided by age and today we will discuss recommendations for infants over 2 months old.

In a child over 2 months old the concern of fever is not significant enough to cause immediate hospitalization but still an important sign that tells us there is an infection.

So in an infant this age, should be taken to the er if: they have trouble breathing appear dehydrated suffer trauma or toxic ingestion have a seizure or have a significant change in level of consciousness.

I frequently remind my patients that er doctors are trained for life and death emergencies and are not trained for routine infant/child care.

Just as i am trained to care for children, if an adult came into my clinic for me to treat their heart attack and i did not have a phone to call 911 they would be in big trouble.

All that to say a runny nose, cough, cold, congestion, constipation, pink eye&these are symptoms that are not generally life threatening and are best managed by your child's regular physician.

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