Manufacturers, doctors clear rumors about vaping

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Manufacturers, doctors clear rumors about vaping

Vaping is in the news and on our minds and with the constant coverage comes confusion and frustration.

To dispell the rumors and highlight the facts, KEZI set out to uncover the truth behind the craze by speaking with doctors and vape manufacturers.

Manufacturers, doctors clear rumors about vaping


In tonight's special report... kezi takes a deep dive look into vaping... behind the scenes to uncover the truth behind the craze oregon's court of appeals issued a stay on the proposed 6 month ban of flavored vaping products -- not long after governor kate brown issued it.

Kezi 9 news reporter emma jerome is live in the studio... with our special report..

I've talked to manufacturers and doctors... and reviewed reports from the cdc...and i've learned this story has many layers.

I wanted to look past the smoke and mirrors..

And share the facts.

Vaping is in the news and on our minds chynna: "now to that bombshell announcement out of salem where governor kate brown ordered a temporary ban on flavored vaping products."

The c-d-c reports &.

There have& been nearly 23-hundred cases of illnesses related to vaping in the united states&.

And 47 deaths& two of those in oregon.

But beneath the hysteria& and fear& and misinformation &.

What's the truth?

Dr patrick luedtke:" we don't know what we in medicine call the natural history of these exposures... we just don't know."

"they don't know exactly what they're looking for... they're learning:" first, the basics: when you go into a store and buy a vaping device you have a lot of options.

Rechargeable... disposable... flavored... non flavored...even the strength of the nicotine.

If you go to a licensed marijuana retailer..

You can get them with thc as well but they all have three things in common: a mouth piece& a container of liquid-- sometimes called a cartridge --- and a battery.

When a vaper inhales the battery heats up the coil& the liquid turns into a gas&and the gas goes into the lungs, delivering nicotine, thc... or anything else that's in the cartridge.*archive nat* but vaping isn't new: the industry has been around for over a decade.

According to the u.s. government the first nicotine inhaler came from china in 2006.

So&if vaping has been around for years& why are people getting sick now?

Abc: "we need to know more about the frequency of exposure... how long these people have used it so still a lot of unknown" experts say there are two possibilities: first, people are tampering with the products: standup: "nicotine vapes come in all shapes and sizes& but when it comes to what's inside& it's pretty standard and it's four ingredients& nicotine& propylene glycol& vegetable glycerin& and flavoring& however both vape juice manufacturers and medical professionals alike agree its when you make alterations to the product that your risk significantly increases."

Patrick luedtke: "so you buy it from a reputable store and then you break it open and you decide you want to put some other flavoring inside because you really like pina colada or whatever it might be."

The other suspect is a chemical called vitamin e acetate.... "so there's one class of chemicals your lungs don't do well with... any type of oils": some supporters including manufacturers maintain it's a safer alternative to cigarettes vaping was always marketed as a safer alternative to cigarrettes-- and some people still claim that's true.

Emma" no one is going to argue that this id good for you... no one is saying they vape because it's good... but is vaping better than cigarettes if it's used properly and not adulterated like you i think it's a tough question... the risk may be less or at least it's different" dr patrick luetdke... senior public health officer for lane county says it may be decades before we know the long term side effects of vaping.

"we just don't know 20 years from now what will happen to people who vaped when they were 18" so far the number of deaths and illnesses are only a fraction to the numver of american who die from smoking to date vaping related injuries have claimed the lives of 48 people in 25 different states... 2 of those in oregon but cigarettes kill 480 thousand americans every year... accounting for one in 5 deaths.

That's over 10 thousand times the deaths from vaping.

And for every person who dies because of smoking... at least 30 people live with a serious illness related to smoking.

Whether vaping is healthier or not... it's definitely on the rise.

"it will grow regardless of the regulation that's coming" bob foote, ceo of ec blend flavors... says that by 2024 vaping will be a almost a 30 billion dollar industry some experts say growth is fueled, in part, from marketing to minors and the numbers back it up... the cdc reports that from 2018 to 2019... e cigarette use in highschool students increased from 20 percent to 27 percent cnn: "vaping can help adult smokers quit smoking... there's some evidence around that, but at what cost... at what cost specifically to our youth?"

Vaping liquid comes in every flavor from tobacco to boston cream pie& flavors are what health professionals and government officials are saying makes this product so attractive to kids& a charge that foote and others at e-c say could not be further from the truth they say in no way have they ever marketed to kids they say the large variety is just so adults can find their favorite flavor and transition away from cigarettes derek raymond: "the goal is that we offer a safe product to our customers consistently... back to the quality and making sure we deliver a product that we would vape ourselves."

But how its even made is a question many people have& and we set out to find out& standup 2: "i'm here at ec blend flavors manufacturing facility in medford&.

And i came down here to see not only how e cigarette liquid is made& but how strictly it's regulated."

The factory smells like a candy store& and it's that candy like flavor that some say is aimed at children.

Derek raymond is the production manager at ec blends and he says they have been ahead of regulation since the inception of the company derek raymond"we've been very much on top of regulation...we've welcomed regulation and we've been ahead of it up till now so we're gonna keep pushing."

For doctors like luedtke... the health questions around vaping are confusing and frustrating... mostly brcause he says they were predictable and avoidable luetdke "we knew it was coming... i mean if you were here 5 years ago you would have heard one of us in public health say something bad is going to happen."

The cdc is updating injuries and deaths each week.

There have been more than 22 hundred vaping related injuries... they say 83 percent of those involved products with thc.

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