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Published on December 6, 2019 -


A chattanooga man's life will end tonight after governor about nine years ago created an exhibit for electric eel was woken up in the opportunity showcases animals there from south america to use the electricity in three different ways.

Basically it's to navigate the murky waters.

Our experts say it's kind of like that picture of magnetic filings around magnet.

You can see that were around the magnet and they use that to sense their surroundings to find food.

Elsie communicate with other eels, and the use of the stun prey and to defend themselves as predators and they have the unique abilit to have a range of voltage that they can ways how to do that specialized cells are bodies called electro sites that are stacked along the entire length of their bodies, and when their brain triggers that electrical relays sodium and potassium ions move across the cell membranes and opposite directions.

That causes that electric charge and what researchers of word over time is that electric eels the longer they get stronger.

There voltage is so and eel about the size mcgill can deliver a wallop that somewhere in the neighborhood of between four an 600 v most of his low-voltage hops if you will are around 10 v and so we've connected to a display that allows guest can see the amount of electricity is discharging into the water so a not actually powering the christmas tree.

It's a representation of how much energy is released in time zone is going about his business as you experienced their scandals low-voltage little pop-up officer history like you and that when used reading we decided to write so again along the length of his body.

It's sort of like you have these batteries that are wind up in in sequence that gives them that early to be able to make the district 3 and a judgment of what's really going on you know and and i give kids the opportunity is this is really having a christmas tree else tina gallant how to and it can even trigger some stem studies right because there are some researchers that are sent okay if this animal can create right is bob battery-powered.

No charges bodies.

What does that mean for us and so summer looking at dialogical batters.

It could be a humans.

For example, to replace the batteries in pacemakers or thos medical devices that deliver drugs to your body or prosthetic so there's always implications from a really wonderful animal intimacy actually enters so much going on at the aquarium right down cisco because the making weekend.

I only through the weekend before xmas that we have our member event which is coming up the sunday evening have two pjs, a polar express event that the 14th and fifth verse we have the special on the gift memberships to go through the summer.

18 for the chameleon plus with your purchase wallows wisely, so not getting a lot of opportunities for membership to take a banner so special about what the sunda event discounts on imax films and next year and have a new turtle galleries.

This is really a great time maternity ended in thompson and i can tel us more about how they are helping turtles for 2020.

Brent discussed at the next time we can thank you, trevino editing this morning and yeah i

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