MSSU Showcase

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

MSSU Showcase

The future of our field strutted their stuff today at Missouri Southern.

It was the 23rd annual Southern Media Showcase.

MSSU Showcase


It was the 23-rd annual southern media showcase.

It featured the work of 300-some high schoolers from joplin, springfield, and southeast kansas.

The students were competing to see who had the best work in print and video media.

But they also got to learn something.

Speakers from area media outlets shared their knowledge with the kids.

The university honored the two students who were voted most passionate by their peers with the "will norton" award.

The winners were samantha walker of joplin -- and luke quesenberry of webb city.

"being passionate about this has really helped you know grow my experience for the field and i think that's gonna be able to set me above any body else that may be going into the same field that i'm going into."

Dowe: the will norton award is named for a joplin teenager who was killed in the 20-11 tornado.


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