Deputies Review Policy To Avoid Escaped Inmates

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on December 6, 2019 -

Deputies Review Policy To Avoid Escaped Inmates

In light of recent escapees, Sierra Phillips reports on what the Jackson County Sheriff's Office is doing to avoid more inmates breaking out of jail.

Deputies Review Policy To Avoid Escaped Inmates

Happen again.

Deputies say tidwell was here in one of these homes on vann st.

But he ran and escaped deputies again.

I talked with neighbors who saw deputies search for him.

"i'd seen a lot of cops up and down the road."

One neighbor asked me not to show her on camera, because she fears for her safety.

But she says overnight she saw police lights on her street and worried it was escaped inmate jericho tidwell.

"i did do a little check around the house...checked the playhouse out back" by the time she saw those lights tidwell was back on the run and the owner of the vann street home was in custody facing charges of hindering tidwell's recapture less than 12 hours before.... tidwell escaped while installing christmas lights during a work detail program at stevenson park.

Deputies say he said he had to go to the bathroom...and never came back.

Chief deputy rocky harnen told me in his decade working with the sheriff's office this has happened 3 times.

I asked him what changes are coming to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Harnen- "if you're on probation and you're on revocation then you will not be allowed to leave the jail and work."

That's exactly why tidwell was in jail-- he violated his parole.

He says the new policy is subject to change.

But, now, inmates like tidwell won't qualify for work release.

But in the meantime people who live on vann st.

Tell me they're staying on guard-- one even asked me to show them tidwell's mug shot.

Turner- "so i can notify when i see this man" in jackson county, sierra phillips, waay31 news.

Tidwell is about 5' 10 with hazel eyes.

He was last seen wearing gray shorts, a black cut off and a red hoodie.

If you see him you're ask to contact the jackson

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