Car crushes man to death in his driveway

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
A truck collapsed on a man in his driveway, killing him.

Car crushes man to death in his driveway

Breaking news tonight: a truck collapsed on a man, in his driveway..

Killing him..


I'm aaron lunaand i'm nia wong.such an incredibly unfortunate accident.

Police say the northeast spokane man called a towing service to help him remove the truck from his driveway.

Once they arrived ... Something went horribly wrong... And the truck rolled on top of him.

Our maher kawash was first on scene ... With more on the tragic accident... And some advice from firefighters for anyone who works on their car.

A devastating scene in northeast spokane this morning.

Firefighters say a man was trapped under this utility truck for five to eight minutes ... Before they were able to pull him out.

Fire chief brian schaeffer says extrication equipment was still on its way at the time.

So, his crew took tools from the victims garage and improvised a jack within two minutes.13;18;20 "they gave the gentleman every chance they possibly could of saving his life and unfortunatley he didn't respond."

06 chief schaeffer says even if his crew did have the original equipment with them .... It likely wouldn't have changed the outcome.

13;19;24 "it may have taken us even longer to set all that up than it did for the firefighters to take the equipment they had there and build up the system ... And lift up the truck themselves."09 14:02:38 ll-bridge "i'm told he was working on this white truck behind me with the crane on top of it ... He was trying to disconnect something from the bottom so it could be towed away ... But the emergency break was not set on the truck."

09 investigators haven't released the man's name... But, we do know he's a man in his 50's... Neighbors tell us he had one daughter who is now in her early 20's.

One of those family friends saying-- "he was an amazing man, father, brother and friend.

He was there when you needed him.

My heart aches for his family."


No family should have to go through such an awful accident.

Firefighters tell us even if you work on your car all the time, always make sure to take safety precautions first.

13;20;58 "so if you're under your car performing an oil change or any work like that ... Make sure it is blocked up or chalked up ... So if the unpredictable does actually happen and it falls ... You've got that safeguard."13 i'm maher kawash, 4 news now.

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