Jackson Co. Schools Getting New Storm Shelters

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Jackson Co. Schools Getting New Storm Shelters

Woodville High and other Jackson Co.

Schools will be getting new storm shelters to replace older ones.

Jackson Co. Schools Getting New Storm Shelters

To high winds aloft.

New this evening -- five schools in jackson county are about to get storm shelters thanks to a half a million dollar state grant.

Waay31's sierra phillips went to woodville high school to get a first hand look at why the school needs another storm shelter.

Berger- "crowded....kind of hectic."

Woodville high's two storm shelters are built to hold about 250 people each.

But students, teachers and staff add up to more than 550.

Principal jamie darwin called it an unconformable situation.

Darwin- "especially if its hot outside...it gets hot in there real quick."

Woodville isn't the only school getting a new, 100 thousand dollar shelter.

Section, north sand mountain, pisgah and skyline are also getting another shelter to help deal with overcrowding.

Woodville junior brett berger told me why he thinks another shelter is needed.

Berger- "i'd feel safe in there if something were to happen."

A grant from the state will pay for 75 percent of the project, the school district is on the hook for about 100 thousand dollars.

Darwin- "its going to help the community as well because outside of school hours this is a shelter for the community of woodville."

Ll- "officials say they hope to begin installing the storm shelters as early as spring of next year.

In jackson county sierra phillips waay31 news."

Emergency management officials say the 5 schools were selected because they are each kindergarten through 12th grade and have the most students.

For a list of storm shelters near your house, go to waaytv.com and scroll

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