McCallie Defense Comes Together

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
McCallie Defense Comes Together

McCallie Defense Comes Together

A lot of talent on offense this year, but to make a run at a state title, they had to replace eight starters on defense.

Looks like big blue got the job done because they play for the gold ball tomorrow night in cookeville.

Ralph potter may not have had the defensive experience to start the year, but he had the defensive bodies where it counts.

The defensive line.

And it was anchored by auburn commit jay hardy.

Potter:"obviously with jay and t.j.

Mason, our two defensive ends that came back.

They've played really well.

Then we added two guys in the middle there.

Both of them are sophomores, and both of them are great players.

James howard at nose, and aaron crowder in the middle at middle linebacker."

Reporter:"how many blockers do you absorb every game?"

Hardy:"sometimes it will be three or maybe four.

Sometimes two.

It's a lot."

Potter:"people have to change their blocking schemes for him.

He's going to make four or five plays a game that nobody else can make.

You know if you make four or five plays that nobody else can make.

If the team gets 11 or 12 possessions in a game, you have just eliminated a good third of their possessions before they start."

And right now, mccallie is eliminating the opposition's running game.

Potter:"i think we have given up 80 yards rushing in two games in the playoffs, which is really good."

To bolster the defensive backfield to start the playoffs, potter inserted two playmakers from offense, including receiver eric rivers, who had his pick six in the semi's against ensworth.

The other stand-out was quarterback deangelo hardy.

Deangelo:"i mean it's kind of fun.

Defense is different.

It's less stress.

It's way fun."

Reporter:"have you had a big hit?

Have you laid a big hit on anybody so far?"

Deangelo:"i mean no.

I pushed a guy out of bounds when he tried to catch it.

He missed.

I hit him out of bounds.

That's all right."

Quarterback got to stay healthy.

Mccallie faces m-b-a tomorrow night.

Ralph potter was named a finalist today for the tennessee titans high school coach of the

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