bb gun on campus

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
gun on campus student arrested

bb gun on campus

News 15 at nine tonight... 3 new information today after a b-b gun at middlebrook elementary school yesterday led to a potentially dangerous situation.

Police say one person was shot and another taken into custody.

News 15's leigha mcneil joins us now with the latest...leigha?

Well things have calmed down significantly right here outside of corbel michael middle brook elementary school.

Police were out here on the scene earlier today and arrested a student for allegedly bringing a bb gun to school and shooting another student in the foot.

However some folks we spoke to here today say that bb guns should be treated as weapons and not as toys "that's not ok i feel like that shouldn't be taken lightly you know."

"although it is perceived as a toy it is not a toy it is a weapon and just like any other wedding when she pulled the trigger you cannot take that bullet back."

After hearing about the most recent incident at middlebrook elementary this time involving a bb gun andre guidry is a little uneasy"i definitely wouldn't be comfortable with my child going to school knowing that happened and you know you can't differentiate at the moment you know."

Though no one was hurt during the incident gun saftey expert and owner of coversix training academy joey comeaux believes bb guns are nothing to play with "unfortunately today not only are bb guns easy to buy but they are made to look identical to real weapons"joey explains bb guns were originally used to train younger shooters before upgrading to an age apporate hunting rifle but are now being bought as gifts for kids and arent taken as seriously as they used to be "this is not something that should be brought to school it should be handled as a real weapon."

"i think that something i should stay at home and she needs it on leave it on i think that something i should stay at home and she needs it on school campus grounds."

Since today's bb guns are beginning to look too much like the real thing joey advises parents who plan on getting a gun for their child to prioritize safety and be aware of the risks if they are going to buy them a bb gun please educate him on not only the gun safety but the ramifications that could happen with that weapon if it's taken out of the house or used in an ill manner at this time they are not releasing the identity of the victim or the suspect because they're both juveniles.

As more information becomes available in this case will keep you up-to-date one in online at leigha mcneil news15 thanks leigha...the lafayette parish school system pio allison dickerson tells news 15 quote all proper procedures were followed and all students are safe.

No additional information will be released due to this pending investigation involving a minor.

End quote...the student who was shot in the foot

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