Accused Killer On Work Release

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Accused Killer On Work Release

A judge sentenced Wayne Hicks Jr. to 45 days of work release instead of serving time, a sentence family members of the victim find inappropriate.

Accused Killer On Work Release

Work release.

It's a story the waay 31 i-team spent the past year following.

Hicks was found guilty of negligent homicide after he ran over his girlfriend in a huntsville parking lot, killing her, in 20-16 while under the influence of meth.

But - he was given a suspended sentence as long as he followed the terms of his probation.

Waay 31's sydney martin is live at the courthouse after she worked to learn why hicks wasn't sent to an alabama state prison after recently being found guilty on charges of domestic violence.

Dan, the madison county district attorney's office told me last year hicks should be sent to prison for violating his probation terms..

However, today prosecutors told me the judge decided he shouldn't be sent to prison and there is nothing they can do about it.

Terry steelman, victim's uncle , "it's pretty much a smack in the face for all of us."

Terry steelman told me he's confused as to why his niece, jamie varvel's, killer is not headed to state prison after hurting another woman and her child last year.

He told he was promised by the district attorney' office martin wayne hicks junior was headed to prison.

Terry steelman, victim's uncle , "we want to know why there was any decision that needed to be made.

He broke his probation and there should no be decision in that he should go to jail for the original sentence.


Hicks was found guilty in marshall county in august on 3 charges after he assaulted his now ex-girlfriend and her child last december.

The judge on the case gave him 2 years of unsupervised probation....and a suspended jail sentence.

Terry steelman, victim's uncle , "there seems to be a disconnect between crime and punishment and i'm not sure why that is."

Wednesday, hicks had a probation revocation hearing at the madison county courthouse.

The judge on the case- james smith- sentenced him to 45 days of work release.

Terry steelman, victim's uncle , "if they slap him on the wrist.

What's to stop him from doing that again?"

On the phone, hicks now- ex- girlfriend told me she testified at wednesday's hearing.

But claimed the judge didn't believe the charges were serious enough to send hicks to prison.

Terry steelman, victim's uncle , "why would a victim put herself through that when a judge is allowed to let him go."

And steelman thinks the latest hearing points out flaws in the legal system.

Terry steelman, victim's uncle , "i just thought it was ridiculous.

I just wanted to be in a room with the judge with the da and say why?

Why is that allowable?"

I called judge smith today- and told he was out sick- i talked with his assistant who told me he doesn't talk to the media and he will be in trial all next week.

But i plan on asking for an interview every day.

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