Fort Wayne Police say lock your cars when warming them up

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Fort Wayne Police say lock your cars when warming them up

Fort Wayne Police say lock your cars when warming them up

For joining us tonight.having a warm car in the morning could cost you your whole car.there were three cars stolen this morning.

Fox 55's jentill neal tells us what police want you to know tonight for your protection so you don't wake up to any surprises.

It's cold outside and a lot of drivers want a warm ride... especially in the morning time, but be careful.> 02:33:18-02:33:18"i know it's not the ideal situation to be out there in the cold to warm up your car, but if you only have one set of keys it's better to keep your car and be a little cold warming it up than to lose your car."three cars were stolen this way just this morning.people are leaving their keys in the ignition and leaving their cars unattended- and unlocked.

02:33:37-02:33:45"not saying it won't be stolen, but it you could easily break a window and take it if you wanted, but they are going to be less likely to do that if they have to break the window, so we're just urrging people to excersise a little due caution."the best thing you can do is not leave your car unattended.>02:33:56-02:34:09" always in these winter months we see an uptick in stolen vehicles, and it's not in regard to people going on a crime spree or anything like that.

It's a crime of opportunity to get out of the cold to get somewhere they don't want to walk.

They'd rather take a warm car.">fort wayne fire department deputy chief adam o'conner also says it's important for drivers to keep in mind not to warm up their cars in the garage because carbon minoxide gets right into the home.

In fort wayne, jentill neal fox 55 news.

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