Trash Pandas supporting task force

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on December 6, 2019 -
Trash Pandas supporting group who want to keep MiLB teams in tact.

Trash Pandas supporting task force

Minor league teams are being threatened across the country.

The rocket city trash pandas are safe, but the club announced wednesday their support of the "save minor league baseball task force, thats made up of congressman in support of minor league ball.

The task force's misson?

Save the 42 minor league teams facing eleminiation.

The task force will closely monitor ongoing negotiations betweel mlb and milb, as well as discuss potential legislative action if it becomes necessary, thats according to the statement released by the task force.

Trash pandas vice president and general manager, garrett farman, weighed in saying quote" "we appreciate the support of rep.

Lori trahan , david mckinley and the members of the task force in standing up for minor league baseball and speaking out against mlb's effort cast off thousands of jobs, reduce affordable, family friendly entertainment and undermine grassroots support for our great game,"

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