Fighting addiction in Vigo County

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Fighting addiction in Vigo County

Fighting addiction in Vigo County

The vigo county prosecutor is working to help fight addiction here at home.

Good evening and welcome to news 10 on my fox 10.

Drug problems continue across the state of indiana.

So far this year ..

The state health department reports "8" drug overdose deaths in vig county.

This is a preliminary count.

There were 17 deaths in both 20-18 ... and 20-17 in the county.

Statewide ..

Indiana had nearly 15-hundred deaths last year.

On monday we told you about the vigo county council approving 25 thousand dollars from the prosecutor's office.

That money's to be given to addiction recovery programs. news 10's sarah lehman joins us now live.

She sat down with an addiction specialist and has more on how support from the community like this can help more people in need.

Patrece... it's money for recovery programs like the ones they have here at the hamiliton center.

Addiction of any kind has become a major problem across the nation.

And officals here are vigo county are stepping up to help.

"even one of the murder cases we had when you get into all the details of the case you find out there's usually a drug element involved.

So it's a big, big, big problem."

Many counties across the country are looking for different ways to try and combat addiction.

Right here in vigo county we already have a lot of programs. "we do have a lot of options for recovery in vigo county as far as sober living, transitional living and there is an awareness in the community with the criminal justice system, the prosecutorthe judges the jail" vigo county prosecutor terry modesitt has been aware of the problem for years.

On monday he asked the county council to appropriate 25 thousand dollars worth of non tax dollars to go to recovery programs in the county.

"i just realize that throwing everybody that has an addiction problem in jail is just not working.

If we can resolve the problem with anybody even if it's 1, 2, 5, 10, 100 that many people that we can help and they can get off the drugs and become productive then we've accomplished something."

Newcomb says funding to recovery programs is always needed anywhere.

She says in vigo county..

These programs have a relationship with the criminal justice system you can't find everywhere.

It's important to note -- that right now the prosecutors office has not made a decision of where the money will go!

Modesitt says he is going to be looking into that right now.

Reporting live in terre haute i'm sarah lehman news 10 back to you.

There are several addiction treatment options "locally".

The state of indiana has made it easy to find.

There's an interactive map showing resources.

You can search by specific recovery needs ..

And even by gender.

We've linked you to the map at w-t-h-i t-v dot com.

If you or someone you know needs assistance immediately, dial 2-1-1.

You'll be connected to available

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