‘We take it very seriously’: District responds to BB gun found in Madison middle school

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

‘We take it very seriously’: District responds to BB gun found in Madison middle school

The Madison Metropolitan School District is encouraging parents and students to speak up about potential threats as it reviews its response to a BB gun found at Jefferson Middle School Wednesday.

‘We take it very seriously’: District responds to BB gun found in Madison middle school


Police say it wasn't just one student hit by a b-b getting off the bus tuesday afternoon ..

But two.

The two 13- year-old boys arrested yesterday made an apperance in juvenile court today ..

And we're hearing from the madison metropolitan school district on how they're responding.

Madalyn o'neill has the latest.

This is all coming in the midst of two student shootings in the past week ..

Including one in waukesha where a student was shot after pointing a pellet gun at officers.

The district wants families to know they're not taking this case lightly.

Dr. jane belmore interim superinedent 38:28 "it's a big deal, do not bring any kind of weapon-looking anything to school."

That's interim superintendent dr. jane belmore's message to students ... after a bb gun was found in a jefferson middle school locker wednesday morning.

Belmore 34:39 "our school safety is really important to us, we take it very seriously."

Police arrested a 13- year-old boy who they say used that bb gun to shoot on the bus and out the window tuesday ..

Striking two female students as they exited, one in the hand and one on the arm.

Another 13-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly bringing that same bb gun into school wednesday morning.

Belmore 41:38 "the police were already there.

It was kind of at that point in time, the children said something ... (cut) ... 41:49 that was an example of students stepping up and saying something that was really important."

The boys appeared in juvenile court thursday ..

Released to their mothers' custody on the conditions they stay away from eachother, the victims and weapons of any kind.

Belmore 41:03 "i would want parents to keep lines of communication open with kids.

What happened at school today, is there anything that concerned you?"

In this incident ... belmore says she believes staff members did everything they should have in line with safety procedures.

Belmore 35:20 "even though it's hard to describe to the public what's going on at the moment it's happening, we felt very comfortable we were in good shape there."

She says the district treats incidents like this as a learning experiences.

Belmore 37:12 "we're all in this together wanting schools to be as safe as they can possibly."

According to the district ..

Including a b-b gun, results in mandatory suspension and recommendation for expulsion.

Information on m-m-s-d's safety procedures can be found on its website.

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