dukes of hazard

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
dukes of hazard

dukes of hazard

Restraining order appeal.

Believe it or not it's the 40th anniversary of dukes of hazard.

And one former star with louisiana roots created an ode to the show and his book with a new movie...."christmas cars"...in his tribute to dukes of hazard, john schnieder plays a character, inspired by uncle jesse in the original series.

Schneider says the movie, which was shot in the bayou state, has a cast that reminds him of the scooby doo crew as they re-make and sell out of replicas of the general lee... and it was really terrific it deals with the general lee and the flag on top of it and losing your farm to a balloon payment that you can't afford.

We were not prepared for the success that happened.

People are saying that it reminded themof sitting on the couch and watching dukes of hazard dare i say 40 years ago with their family .

And thats the biggest compliment i think i could ever get."the movie was filmed in louisiana and a premier will be held in baton rouge at the movie theatre they used in the film.

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