Wild Thyme - Waldorf Salad

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Wild Thyme - Waldorf Salad

This classic dish is anything but boring!

Chef Allison Davis shows us how to make Waldorf salad.

Wild Thyme - Waldorf Salad


C1 3 allison davis: welcome back to midday kentucky, chef allison davis here in the wild time kitchen over in the shin-away shops where we do cooking classes, catering and all kinds of fun culinary events.

Today i am making a very, very classic salad.

It was made famous hint, hint in the waldorf astoria and this is the waldorf salad.

It's wonderful around the holidays, but also a great one in the summer or spring, but you really want to get some nice granny smith.

I like the tart apples for this, so we're going to get right into making this salad.

And what i actually do first is make the dressing, so you can just get it all in one bowl and you're good to go.

So we're going to start with a little mayo.

If you're not a fan of the mayonnaise base, you could absolutely maybe sub in, say, a yogurt, like a plain greek yogurt or a vanilla yogurt even.

Allison davis: we're going to add to this a little red wine vinegar to thin it out, and then just a little sugar to add the sweetness and balance with the vinegar.

All right, so three ingredients.

Very, very simple and then we'll just whisk that together just until it's nice and smooth.

And if it's too thin, you can always add a little bit more of the mayo base to it.

But this is going to be really nice to coat everything that's going into it.

Now the main thing that your waldorf salad is made up is your apple.

So i'm just going to take the apples, i tend to just cut around the core and then i can discard that and we're just doing kind of a rough chop on these apple slices.

In addition to the red wine vinegar, just for ease of keeping your apples from browning, i do add just a nice little bit of fresh lemon juice in there and that will help with the browning to keep those apples nice and fresh.

Allison davis: all right, so we're just going to throw in some more apples into our dressing.

Now some recipes that you will find on the internet, will call for, say, grapes.

I don't like adding the grapes into this so much because i think you have enough sweetness from the dressing and from the apples.

So what i like to do is i like to throw in, say, raisins, maybe golden raisins or in this case cranberries.

I'm going to do some dried cranberries in there with it.

All right, we're going to go with one more apple, and then the other crunch that goes into this salad is your fresh celery.

And i think that's kind of a must with the apples and the cranberries.

So just some fresh celery tossed in there and that just gives it a really nice crunch.

If you're not a celery fan, sorry about your luck because this is really a big ingredient in this salad.

All right, we're going to throw that in and this is all raw.

Allison davis: once it's mixed together you can serve it, it's ready to go.

All right, and then the final part to this salad is the crunch.

And i took some walnuts and i candied them personally, but you could just toast them in the oven if you'd like.

I just liked the way when you caramelize them with a little bit of sugar and salt that they coat and actually add a little crispier texture to the walnuts.

But if you didn't want to do that you could certainly just toast them off in the oven, kind of give them a rough chop, but the walnuts are a key ingredient as well just in terms of adding that real nice crunch to this dish.

All right, we're going to finish up with the remainder of this apple and then we're going to toss this together and we are done.

Allison davis: that is your waldorf salad in a nutshell, so you can kind of see how the dressing just coats everything nicely.

If you want, you can add a little salt, maybe a little black pepper to this, but the longer it sits, the better it's going to get as far as maybe letting it sit for an hour or salt, maybe a little black pepper to this, but the longer it sits, the better it's going to get as far as maybe letting it sit for an hour or two because it's really going to help those apples to soak up that dressing.

But that is it.

Again, this is very quick.

It's very classic and a wonderful salad to serve around the holidays or just to take to a friend's dinner.

All right.

You guys know where to find this recipe.

You can go to middaykentucky.com /recipes tab.

I'm chef allison davis.

Thanks so much for watching.

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