Purdue group hosts International Thanksgiving

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Purdue group hosts International Thanksgiving

Purdue group hosts International Thanksgiving

Nearly 350 purdue students from all over the world have come together for a thanksgiving meal.

The event is put on by a purdue university christian fellowship group called chi alpha.

Students are served all the traditional thanksgiving foods.

For many students, this is their first time celebrating the holiday.

Chi alpha leaders say this event brings together people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Event leaders say at least 45-countries were represented this year.

Students say the experience is unforgettable.

Student: this is my first experience for a thanksgiving dinner and enjoy it so much meeting new people.

Student: it's a very unique experience because i get to just have thanksgiving dinner with everyone.

Student: it felt like home honestly because my friends are my family.

Student: the whle continent is here the world is re it's been great.

Student: it's really great to get to know people from all over the world, people i didn't know coming here.

This year marks the 13th annual international thanksgiving.

Connection point church has hosted the event for the

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