Winter outlook forecasts wetter winter

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Published on November 5, 2019 -
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Winter outlook forecasts wetter winter

Is now under a month away.

And the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is calling for a wetter season in indiana.

Meteorologist balint szalavari spoke with meteorologists at the national weather service this afternoon.

He shows us what forecasters are prediciting for the upcoming winter.

Meteorologists are forecasting a tricky winter season.

This year's winter outlook calls for a wetter winter with equal chances to see temperatures above or below average.

Lashley: "equal chances mean that there is no strong signal to point us in one direction or another."

Forecasters like meteorologist sam lashley are less confident in this year's forecast due to the lack of signals.

Lashley: "there's not an el ni?o or la ni?a expected so there's a lot of variables at play for these winter outlooks."

El ni?o and la ni?a are weather patterns driven by differences in oceanic and atmospheric temperatures in the equitorial pacific.

These cycles can greatly impact our winter weather.

Without an el ni?o or la ni?a, forecasters are still able to use current and past observations.

Lashley: "we look at a lot of things from climatology, which is looking at past years that were similar to looking at our model trends for the future.

And the signal is there in both what we've seen and what our models are forecasting for the winter."

To help increase confidence, meteorologists at the national weather service in indianapolis will focus on short term data.

Lashley: "in winters like this we will look at a lot of things happening in the north atlantic and around the arctic regions.

And we can only forecast those out about two weeks."

Lashley believes this is still plenty of time to get the word out.

But he says people should always plan ahead.

Lashely: "do what you need to do to get read y, have that emergency preparedness kit in your car.

Be thinking of those things as we head into the winter season."

In indianapolis, balint szalavari, news 18.

Lashely says the winter outlooks are updated every month.

The next outlook will be available november 21st.

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