More than a week after Tropical Storm Olga, Alcorn County continues cleanup

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Published on November 5, 2019 -

More than a week after Tropical Storm Olga, Alcorn County continues cleanup

Alcorn County suffered a lot of damage when Tropical Storm Olga swept through north Mississippi on Oct.


More than a week after Tropical Storm Olga, Alcorn County continues cleanup


We'll talk more about tomorrow election day and beyond in just a few moments.

Now many.

>> people across north mississippi have spent the night at last nine days working to clear the debris and fix the damage caused by tropical storm olga led tv amanda haley joins us in all corn county where some folks are still without powder power.

After a week after the storm places in alcorn county.

Still have the breeze and trees all over like this one right behind me you can see.

This tree is literally laying on top of the house now some people in the county are still without power as well.

And some have been spending endless hours just trying to clean up the debris from tropical storm olga way had our storm in.

No need for worry would nothing compared to this.

It was just overwhelming stacy stone lives off of county road one seventy one in corrine stone who i caught outside burning some of the debris in his yard took the time to show me the damages on his road his neighbors yards covered in large trees in the pavement on a portion of his street was.

Even busted by a fallen tree he says the past nine days since the storm have been very busy with trying to use every spare moment to get the debris cleaned up quick that all you can do in a day's time to get off work.

>> stone says with all of the tree still down in the area.

He has been offering his help to many of his friends and neighbors.

>> get get it done and you know you get a tree in the yard and you don't have nobody to know ai night unable to do it i mean somebody in car miss.

If happy at the peak of the outages and alcorn county the alcorn county electric power association reported sixteen thousand people were without power in although that number dropped tremendously as each day since the storm has gone by the company is still working to restore power in certain places sean mcgrath is the general manager for alcorn county electric power association and according to him as of this afternoon there were only less than fifty people without power in the county grasses.

Some residents were out of town and are just now realizing they don't have power and he says some residents have to make repairs before power can be reconnected but mcgrath wants to a shirt that crews are evaluating all area in that power.

Will soon be restored

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