Woman meets brother who was adopted nearly 80 years ago

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Published on October 6, 2019 -
Social media helps a long-awaited family reunion.

Woman meets brother who was adopted nearly 80 years ago

An emotional reunions after nearly 80 years thanks to social media there is a 87 year old wedding house seal of York County never got to know her brother was put up for adoption at just three months old I didn't want to push it always curious to meet him but I'm sure if you felt the same way cuz I didn't know whether he he he knew all about the family and whether he would accept you know that all changed a few weeks ago when her great-granddaughter decided to dig a Little Deeper I said oh I'm going to look him up and she's so don't bother him and I said well I'll at least just find out even if you know we just find out if you still live in without anyone knowing she went on to Facebook asking for help he was adopted as a young boy so she is hesitant that he won't want to meet her I'm trying to get in touch with him I believe that he is around his late seventies leading her to him so I figured even if they only have you know months a couple years whatever it is to finally like it to be a big sister for a while I just knew that would be really rewarding for her that's when she broke the news to her great-grandmother oh my gosh he wants to beat you and she just lost it she's thinking he was fighting cuz I didn't know what a ride or what the day she been dreaming of for years finally a reality George goodrich's city of God bless you she says she feels like that missing puzzle piece is now in place now I can if I have to go on I know I'm all I'm alright baby cry

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