Harold and Lillian Barnes: Back Together After 50 Years

Video Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
Published on October 5, 2019 -

Harold and Lillian Barnes: Back Together After 50 Years

After being divorced for 50 years, this couple has rekindled their love and decided to marry again!

They have since gained National fame but have stayed true to their Central Kentucky roots!

We sat down with them to learn their story.

Harold and Lillian Barnes: Back Together After 50 Years

Welcome back c1 3 internet....after fifty years....harold and lillian barnes have decided to remarry...welcome to the show guest: harold & lillian barnes a half century after getting a divorce, a kentucky couple plans to get married again.

The lexington herald- leader reports 83-year- old harold holland and 78-year-old lillian barnes will exchange wedding vows on april 14 in lexington.

Their grandson will perform the ceremony at a local baptist church.

Holland and barnes first were married on christmas eve in 1955.

They had five children together before splitting up.

Holland says his job kept him away from the family prior to the breakup.

Both remarried and their spouses died in 2015.

After that, holland and barnes attended a family reunion, and by last december, they were talking marriage again.

Holland says, "we decided we want to walk the last mile together."

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