Demonstrators gathered on Broadway Bridge to protest

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Published on October 3, 2019 -

Demonstrators gathered on Broadway Bridge to protest

Dozens of demonstrators gathered on the Broadway Bridge in Idaho Falls to protest.

Demonstrators gathered on Broadway Bridge to protest

For what i believe in."

Demonstrators rallied on a bridge in idaho falls for standing rock and muslim immigrants.

Good evening and thank for joining us tonight...i'm deanne coffindozens of demonstrators gathered on the broadway bridge today in idaho falls to show their support for standing rock and muslim immigrants.i was there and talked to them about why this is important to them.

The eastern idaho water protectors demonstrated and marched to the broadway bridge in idaho falls... in protest of president trump's executive decision to go forward with the dakota access pipe line environmental impact statement process.this man is native american.

He says trump's executive action will affect the sacred grounds of his relatives.18;07;03 george morrison"well he's within his right to issue orders, but i don't think they should do it."

Vo 2this lady says she's doing her part to help protect the water and the future.18;15;25 annie bacon"it affects life in general.

Future of our native people.

That's why i keep doing this."vo 3this lady attended standing rock.

Now she says she's standing on the bridge praying for the world.

18;23;05 crete brown"i don't know what kind of country i live in.

I'm really sad and i have to do something, so i'm here on the bridge just trying to stand up for what i believe in."vo 4demonstrators say they also march in solidarity with people that are targeted with the executive orders affecting immigrant and muslim communities.18;11;13 lori beverly"we're all refugees.

We all came over here on the mayflower."18;12;23 matthew austin"it's just frustrating to me.

I believe, we wrote something about the statue of liberty and i believe that american was a place that anyone could come and that's part of our religous freedom and part of our, just the idea of the freedom of america and stopping that for any reason is just ridiculous."vo 5this man shows off his sign saying 'i'm mad.'18;13;32 bryan licano"because i'm mad at the pipeline, trump's forcing the pipeline to go through.

I'm also mad about the muslim ban, and all this stuff.

I'm just mad."

Organizers say 180 protesters participated in the demonstration.

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