Teacher Starts Dialogue over President Trump’s Latest Action

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Published on October 3, 2019 -

Teacher Starts Dialogue over President Trump’s Latest Action

The order will jumpstart construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and strip funding for sanctuary cities.

Teacher Starts Dialogue over President Trump’s Latest Action


As people across the nation react to president trump's executive actions , so are valley youth.

One teacher at donna i-s-d turned his lesson plan into an open discussion to help students better understand each other and the president's actions.

Channel five's ana anguiano sat in on that class.

Matt marshall, donna north hs teacher: "the executive order that president trump has signed basically says...."

Inside this classroom at donna north high school .... matt marshall, donna north hs teacher: "we are going to begin the process of building a wall."

An unconventional lesson to help this room of students better understand a president's executive order that directly impacts them.

Reyna garcia, student: "my parents came to this country to give me a better future."

Some know better than others fernanda figuerrora, student: "because over there its worse than we have it."

The daily struggles across the border.

While this teacher could be giving his economics and government class another lesson -- matt marshall, economics/gover nment teacher - donna isd: "well this is an unusual shy class all of a sudden."

There is only one thing on the minds of matt marshall's students.

President trump's executive action to jump start construction on a wall along the u-s mexico border and stripping funding for sanctuary cities.

Marco trevino, student: "well i believe sir that this is going to be a waste of money and time."

Male student: "less immigration we can focus on us it'll make us better as a country."

Fernanda figuerrora, student: "its cutting the american dream because this country is built on immigrants."

Their views while different -- each student learns a valuable lesson on how to voice their own opinion matt marshall, ecomics/governm ent teacher - donna isd: "and we should be able to vent our views."

And still be respectful of one another.

Matt marshall, ecomics/governm ent teacher - donna isd: "because that's what a democracy it should not just be one view point it outta be all kinds of views and our views should also be challenged."

Tonight the valley is closely watching washington.

Student no name: "its just a lot of factors to think about it."

Hoping all factors on immigration are considered.

Ana anguiano.

Channel five news

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