Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival kicks off in Buena Vista

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Published on October 2, 2019 -

Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival kicks off in Buena Vista

Sixteen years ago, the Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Band decided to throw a party in Buena Vista.

Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival kicks off in Buena Vista

Ago, the nothin' fancy bluegrass band decided to throw a party in buena vista.

It's grown every year, and this year the campers fill the park.

Our bruce young stopped by to check out the music, and what it means for the town.

(nat) the music is playing (nat) the fans are gathered mike andes, nothin' fancy: "we got folks here from england.

We have folks here from canada.

We have a large showing from canada.

We got folks from new jersey, new york, arizona, texas " and the sun is shining.

William stanley, fan: "well, this year, it ain't raining."

So the party is in full swing at buena vista's glen maury park for the nothin' fancy bluegrass festival.

Chris sexton, nothin' fancy: "it's mind boggling how many people travel for hundreds, even thousands of miles to be here."

And that's good news for the organizers andes: "i've got a lot of folks here this year that have never been here before - first timers - and that's always a good feeling."

And the city of buena vista.

Jay scudder buena vista city manager: "we have 23 music events here this year, and this is probably the largest that we have."

Sexton: "and of course they've got to buy camping supplies and they're going to go to the local shops in buena vista and lexington."

Scudder: "you know, it's good for the economy and the culture.

It's just a big win.

So we're glad they're here."

(nat) but it's more about the music than the money to these people.

Andes: "bluegrass music is a family type music.

It's not going to be a band on stage, and then they jump into a bus and leave and not talk to people."

Stanley: "it's a pretty close knit deal, almost like family, when you meet all these people."

Jim green, commonwealth bluegrass band: "they're just friendly people.

They're there for the music.

Most people know each other.

So it's just like a big family reunion, pretty much."

Which is a win-win that can even make a city manager smile.

Scudder: "it's a lot of fun" in buena vista, bruce young, wdbj7 in lynchburg, people

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