Sandi Morris Family Profile

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Published on October 1, 2019 -
Sandi Morris Family Profile

Sandi Morris Family Profile

3 ((bob))the summer olympic games has more than 10 thousand athletes competing --- and you know plenty of parents will join their kids as they chase their olympic dreams... ((ashley))k-a-r-k's aaron nolan has more on one family who's hoping for gold tonight----aaron?

((aaron))the finals for the women's pole vault just kicked off --- i think a medal favorite and maybe the gold medal favorite is former arkansas razorback sandi morris --- he family made the trip here to rio but yesterday the family reunion didn't exactly go as planned (kerry morris -- mom) "in my heart, in my tears.

It's very very exciting, i never thought she would be here.a parent's pride can be seen in a lot of different ways.(harry morris -- dad) "you have goals and then you have dreams and this is both."but when you child makes it to the olympics -- you sure hope that pride can be seen and felt in person rather than back home half a world away (sandi morris -- usa pole vault) "it means the world to me to have them here."friday night --- american pole vaulter sandi morris will vault for gold --- before the jump she planned to see her family at the athletes village.(harry morris -- dad) "we just wanted to see her and not get in the way."although something did -- (sandi morris -- usa pole vault) "there was a little confusion, we brought copies of passports instead of the real thing so we can't get them in."but this family time wouldn't be denied --- the morrises stood outside security just for a few minutes to encourage their olympic daughter (sandi morris -- usa pole vault) "we are going to make the best of it, and just the fact that they're here in rio to support me, i mean we knew it would be a little bit of a rough journey.

It's a foreign country, and the olympics is going on so it's going to be super tight security, but they're here and that's all that matters."a heartwarming olympic moment --- possibly motivating one vaulter to olympic glory... (kerry morris -- mom) "it's very, very excited, never thought she would be here.

It makes you appreciate america, and i appreciate my kids, and i'm proud of sandi."

((aaron))sandi is very confident going into tonight's finals --- again i do expect her to medal --- also in the finals tonight is team slovenia's tina sutej -- she is also a former hogbut those are not the only arkansas athletes remaining -- we have two goflers --- several in track and field and two sisters in modern pentathlon --- of course we will keep you updated on social media at aaronnolanews on twitter ((ashley))((aaron))((bob)) ((bob)) here's a closer look at of the athletes with arkansas ties are set to compete two have won gold so far----jeffery henderson and ((ashley)) the united states has now passed triple digits.

Team u-s-a has 103 medals -- 37 golds

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