Heavy vegetation around Palermo drainage ditch causes flooding

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Heavy vegetation around Palermo drainage ditch causes flooding

People in one Palermo neighborhood are dealing with heavy vegetation and rain, increasing flooding in the area due to a drainage ditch.

Heavy vegetation around Palermo drainage ditch causes flooding

You get combine a drainage ditch with heavy vegetation and rain - you get flooding.

That's what people in one palermo neighborhood are dealing with.

Action news now's christina vitale is looking into the problem.

Me: this is just one of the many drains in the palermo area overgrown with vegetation.

People tell me instead of water flowing through it during the rainy season - it overflows - flooding the streets.

Roger: we're gonna flood we're gonna flood dorothy: it looked llike the pacific ocean out here roger: this ditch should three foot deep down there if it was cleaned out and so right now as you can see if water comes down through here there's not place for it to go its just going to come out of the banks onto the road and then onto everybody's property.

Roger mathis has lived in palermo for almost 40 years... roger: the county will come out and run a brush hog out here but they dont pick any of it out of there so it just goes down and sits there and so consequently it floods real regular and roger said when it floods... its bad roger: my entire property probably 80% of it completely under water dorothy: i get worked up over everything i wish i could just throw it aside you know and like a lot of people not care not worry about nothing but im a worry wart really i am connelly: they should be concerned if theres a lot of rain itll probably do what it did last winter and thats localized flooding and we're aware of it district one butte county supervisor bill connelly said the county is thinking about replacing the drainage system.

Connelly: ive pushed forward every year or so i ask staff is there anything we can do.

And they found almost 3 million dollar in grants from fema and cal oes.... connelly said if a ditch is on private property its up to the owner to clear it.

If it interferes with a natural waterway the owner must get a permit from the county*an* the department of fish and wildlife.

Connelly: the application is proceeding right now again it'll be voted on in october and the application will go in in november and we'll know by early spring if we're successful me: if you're not sure the ditch in front of your house is on public or private property... connelly suggests calling public works making an appointment with them to pull up a map and figure out where the jurisdiction lies... live in palermo christina vitale action news now.

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