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Published on August 14, 2019 -

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Hot Topics: Live Moxy show tomorrow, Lady Gaga donation, Wendy's spicy nuggs, DON'T DRINK BLEACH!

(no matter what the internet tells you)

Hot Topics

Fear show focusing just bringing you smart community of new strength.

John will one day away one day away one day away.

This time tomorrow we will be at the moxie hotel and we wanted to be there with us.

Don't watch it on tv, but i limited tickets are available.

Just kidding.

Will they or he does shower now.

Com on now, the moxie hotel.

We find we have games and drink sample prizes away and just in some water going to toast my knowledge of pop culture 19, the come join us early will be starting a life in less than an hour to can't wait hope to see entertainers all across america are really chipping in to help out the victims of the house shootings seeing so many of the past several weeks.

Lady gaga among the she is providing funding at this now for 162 classroom in el paso, dayton and gilroy, california.

I sent the grammy-winning artist be partnering with donors to the dot org which is an organization where teachers can fund raise for classroom project.

It's going to fund fully fund 125 classrooms and paso 23 and gilroy 14 end date.

All that in memory and honor of those who were killed in the mass murders of each soul.

Lady gaga nice example use upper containers.

Hopefully they will step up to the plate and some equally as impressed leading the way.

The challenge is now the hungry asked when they spicy chicken nugget's there giving them away, getting in the wagon when times are as right.

Yes, they are not always the icing.

Check it out there giving away 2 million nuggets for free.

How many chickens do you have to go through get to million nuggets.

They had so much with these stepped up to the plate.

Sooner the better stepped up to the plate and said they would resume selling those spicy chicken nuggets give 2 million people liked a tweet suggesting there in the chain and followed the rail made the dream come true.

A lot of people really are that when the icing on distant paired now to get your friend spicy nice you have to order three more use the code spicy not what i call you the splice went on a spicy nugget slang terms have shortened nuggets to now though.

Okay, i volunteer not god's chicken and woke with that.

So don't use will and finally this morning.

Here's one from the don't try this at home.

So we have your a bottle of clorox bleach just walked in as a wiser bottle of no and here's the reason why you don't want to know the answer to believe it or not, the fda, the issued a formal warning monday urging people not to drink bleach why mikan is being promoted online as a remedy for autism, hiv, cancer, and many other serious medical condition.

Now you know you got a wonder these products are commercially available under the names miracle mineral solution, mms and chlorine dioxide protocol.

Obviously don't bleach.

None of that has been approved by the fda for consumption in any way that these gloves when you create with this pattern you don't want to think about ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach saturday acting commissioner and also that consumers should not use these products, and parents should not give these products to their children for any reason is just amazing in the study goes back a ways.

It was in 2010 that the fda compared the solution to dust real bleach and describe a lots of serious internal injuries get from drinking so much like ours to you know it does leave it to social media to create a challenge involving drinking bleach.

These are from the same people who gave you the evening time pipe was about that about that.

I the poison control center's across america have recorded 16 the poison control center's across america have recorded 16,000 euros of people drinking bleach three ... we have a lot of fun here with us as we were not joking about is not your cancer does not cur autism.

It is not cure china.

It is not cure the common cold, and it will not wipe your dentures stay away from bleach put it where it belongs.

Washington is not cure stupidity.


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