Paraplegic man escapes Horse Fire with wife

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Published on July 14, 2019 -
A woman and her husband were evacuated from Friday's fire in Happy Valley

Paraplegic man escapes Horse Fire with wife

Ripped through 30 acres in happy valley -- is now 75 percent contained.

Evacuation orders are now lifted and people are heading home.

Action news now reporter elizabeth zelidon bring us the latest from the fire lines today.

Crews continue to mop up the area of the horse fire in happy valley but one resident i spoke with today says the fact that there is only one exit out that really scared them in friday evenings fire.

Pkg: sot: it was just absolutely terrifying.

Friday evening a small neighborhood in happy valley was shaken up... after being forced to evacuate from yet another fire.

Sot: my father came in saying there is a huge explosion and saw black smoke so my husband called 911 and next thing you knew there were flames coming towards the house.

Ivy lawson and her husband were now on a mission to escape but they had two major obstacles... her husband is a paraplegic and there is only one road out.

Sot: we took a while getting my husband in the car so i had to try and go through as quickly as possible it was really scary the car got so hot going through those flames now that and her husband are back in their home and safe.

She is asking for a second exit because next time she may not get as lucky.

Sot: there is an area down in the end that we are suppose to be able to get out of and there is a gate there now that is really like for that to be gone so we have a second way to get out tag: the cause of the fire is still under investigation and we will with the latest information on our website that news now dot com.

In happy valley elizabeth zelidon action news now.

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