'We're shocked': Close to 30 workers in Janesville laid off with no warning and no pay

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Published on July 13, 2019 -

'We're shocked': Close to 30 workers in Janesville laid off with no warning and no pay

More than 30 people are out of a job Friday night after regional trucking and shipping company LME Trucking Services suddenly announced it would be closing its doors Thursday afternoon.

'We're shocked': Close to 30 workers in Janesville laid off with no warning and no pay


Tonight... close to 30 employees in the city of janesville say they've been blindsided by a sudden move their company made... rock county reporter adam duxter joins us now from our bureau at the janesville gazette with how these employees ended up jobless... and short on close to a months worth of pay.

Eric.... around 3 o clock yesterday.... workers from lme trucking were told they had to go home... not just for the day... but for good.

Now, they're asking questions as to why this is happening... and when they're going to get their paychecks.

Dozens of employees... trying to figure out their next move... employees like ed burns... 10 48 00 i have no idea, i have no idea what's going on burns has driven for lme trucking for 13 years... but just yesterday... 10 45 54 we just got notice that we were told to bring the trucks in, we were given no explanation of why or what was going on.

The company folded... with no warning to the 30 employees in janesville... or the hundreds of employees across the midwest.... 10 46 30 he called us, told us to bring the trucks in, we're done.

The front page of the company website... issuing the only apology these employees have heard so far... the message saying... due to unforseen circumstances... they're closing up shop... effective immediately.

10 47 02 i've tried to contact a few numbers that were given, there's no answer.

You go to voicemail.

I've tried contacting my insurance and they've been notified and they're waiting on a call to find out if we have health insurance.

But it's not just insurance they're worried about... it's the three weeks pay they worked for... but still dont have.

10 46 00 we get paid every week, today we did not get paid.

They say they're out thousands of dollars... but to make matters worse.... they were forced to leave the millions of dollars of deliveries... both in the loading dock... and in the trucks outside... 10 51 20 that's full.

Full of our customer's freight.

That we picked up yesterday.

They say some of these trucks need to be refridgerated... but with triple digit forecasts over the next few days... they won't be.

Inside the trucks... plastic paint cans..

And other flammable materials.

Burns says..

They're now left with no good options.

10 49 00 you either take a new job and relocate, which you don't want to do because your family is here and your friends are here, or you suffer and take a lower paying job.

According to some of the employees i talked to... this company has been in some legal issues before... most recently in 2016... when they found themselves in a lawsuit with the national labor relations board... but what they say hurts most of all is the fact they were given no warning... and now..

Even if they were to get another job... they're already missing out on weeks of pay.


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